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Jun 23, 2017

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      Hello dear BJD lovers,

      Many BJD wigs are on sale about 20-30% at

      The sale period is until July 17th,2017.

      Please come by



      Leeke World

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    2. That is a nice promotion, but how do I navigate your site?

      There are a bunch of Wigs categories (LR, W, ART, etc), what do they mean? Some of the categories have size tabs and some don't. And some tabs seem to be entirely out of stock.

      Is there a way to just browse wigs that are in-stock by size? I'd imagine that is how most of us would like to be able to shop.

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    3. The categories refer to different wig categories. LR and W are standard wigs Leeke carries. ART is for art wigs that are typically special colors or blends, which may or may not be limited. There's a category specifically for Mohair wigs (LP) and I'm not sure what the LM category is for, but it appears to be girl wigs in curly styles (which you can find more of in LR and W categories).

      At the top of each category is a size tab if you're on a computer, not mobile. It allows you to narrow your listings down to the specific size you're looking for (7/8, 8/9, etc.). All Leeke sizes are also specific to a letter (L is 9/10 inch for example, K is 3/4 inch). The only category that will not have a size tab listing is the ART category, because they offer all of those wig in standard sizes 6/7, 7/8, 8/9 and 9/10 only. The option to pick a size will be on the individual wig page.

      There is no way to sort out between in stock and out of stock, unfortunately, but the site should be easy to navigate otherwise. Hope that helps.
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    4. There is also this message called "About Mohair" in the news and event section of the homepage which explains that, although Leekeworld is no longer selling mohair wigs, you can still buy them through another site called
      Leeke World
      I waited a while for the LM wigs to be restocked before I noticed this message was there so I thought I'd point it out.
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    5. Lp stands for synthetic mohair, lm for real mohair, even though they don't sell them anymore.
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