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BJD YouTube Channels

May 27, 2016

    1. Hey guys! I don't know if there's a thread for this already.
      Do you have a YouTube channel? Do you make BJD related videos?
      Share your channel here! It's hard for small channels in this hobby to get recognized, and I'm sure we all look for tutorials, reviews, box openings & such every once and a while, so I thought it would be helpful if we all check out each other's channels and subscribe to each other!
      If you don't have a channel, great! You can still help those of us that do by subscribing! You may have heard of channels such as Nicolle's Dreams, Asenva BJD, and Ms Kitty Blue (to name a few), but I wanna help out the little people! :)

      Comment with the form:
      - My YouTube Channel:
      - What Type(s) of Videos I make:

      Or, if you don't have a channel:
      - YouTube Channel I Would Recommend:

      Remember, channels shared must be BJD related!
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    2. - My YouTube Channel: WIP
      - What Type(s) of Videos I make:
      I want to make videos showing how I make things (not necessarily tutorials) and music videos. I used to make videos of BJD prompts and box openings but I have had a new vision for my channel and am putting it on the back burner for now.
      - YouTube Channel I Would Recommend: GardenOfEdenBjd, sdrcow
      #2 dragolivia, May 27, 2016
      Last edited: Sep 30, 2018
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    3. If you haven't already, AsenvaBJD is a great doll channel to subscribe to. I love her personality and she has a lot of knowledge. But as for myself, I don't make doll videos. I made one as a reply to people, but my subscribers didn't seem to like it so I probably won't make anymore doll related videos. Unless I do an unboxing of sorts.
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    4. - My YouTube Channel: fenn_BJD
      - What Type(s) of Videos I make: box openings, doll plans, dumb tutorials
      - YouTube Channel I Would Recommend: Shell Bea, Resin Wonders!
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    5. I think this thread is a great idea - I am always looking for new BJD-related channels to check out :) !

      As for myself, I started making BJD videos pretty much after I got my first doll.

      My YouTube Channel:
      Agent Knopf

      What Type(s) of Videos I make:

      Box openings and reviews for BJDs and clothes as well as related product like faceup supplies etc.

      YouTube Channel I Would Recommend:
      sdcrow - MaidenTrollBlood - Regenlief7 - PinotNoirIceCreamBar

      Have a great weekend everyone :) !!
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    6. I started pretty sporadically and then really got into making videos a few months ago.

      My channel: bri-cos

      What Type(s) of Videos I make: I tend to do prompts, character descriptions, future plans, and whatever else comes to mind.

      YouTube Channel I Would Recommend: Definitely metacynth
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    7. - My YouTube Channel: Deko.
      - What Type(s) of Videos I make:
      Box opening videos, body reviews, or whatever
      Or, if you don't have a channel:
      - YouTube Channel I Would Recommend: I don't know of any other channels other than the ones posted!
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    8. - YouTube Channel I Would Recommend:
      Dollfairy Dollfairy

      They made tons of super helpful videos for beginners and for introductions to the hobby!

      Also (a bigger channel but still helpful)

      Kimbapchan kimbapchan

      They make videos on anything you possibly need, size reference, un-boxing videos, and tutorials.
      #9 C4LIC0, Jun 18, 2016
      Last edited: Jun 20, 2016
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    9. - My YouTube Channel:
      Kairi Venomus

      - What Type(s) of Videos I make:
      I make BJD videos that cover some BJD Addicts prompts...I talk about my struggles and triumphs that I have with my dolls, box openings, and fun BJD parody videos :D

      - YouTube Channel I Would Recommend:
      Kimbapchan, WhitneyBird, Sdrcow, and of course Asenva are a few that i like watching! I TwilightBJDBooks deserves a shout out too~
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    10. - My YouTube Channel: The Underground BJD

      - What Type(s) of Videos I make:
      Uhhh... I make boring videos. xP More specifically, I do box openings, story telling (of my BJDs), and sometimes short random vlogs about random things that have been going on. Hope I don't regret this, I'm on my 20+ video but I still have reservations about showing my face. OTL

      - YouTube Channel I Would Recommend: Halloween Heartthrob. She's a cool person and I like listening to her talk. Her videos are also varied and since she doesn't only make BJD videos, her channel is more interesting. Also Anandoll, Choctopi, Sight HoundLady, and Lady T. I just love their creativity and content in general.
      #11 HoushiChan, Jun 21, 2016
      Last edited: Oct 13, 2017
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    11. Oh, this is a nice thread :) Will keep my eyes on it. Well, the channels I usually watch have already been named (and many more unknown to me). And I just like to watch random or specific box openings and body reviews.
      - My YouTube Channel: Dae Riin :)
      - What Type(s) of Videos I make: just started recently. Mainly BJD reviews and comparisons, unpacking, crafts videos
      #12 Riin, Jun 22, 2016
      Last edited: Jul 5, 2016
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    12. - My YouTube Channel:Boy with Dolls
      - What Type(s) of Videos I make:
      I only have bjd addicts prompts up right now but I plan on do an introduction to bjds, body review and more.
      - YouTube Channel I Would Recommend: Resin Wonders, Asenva, Nadeestar, AliceAlicaArisu and Pinotnoiricebar.
      EDIT: No longer posting videos
      #13 thealienprince, Jun 26, 2016
      Last edited: Jan 28, 2017
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    13. I recently started making videos and for now it's just box openings. I'm really camera shy and want to also start doing reviews, prompts, and project diaries, but I need to get over my fear of the camera (and microphone) first.
      - My YouTube Channel: ecchi bat
      - What Type(s) of Videos I make: Box opening videos for now.
      - YouTube Channel I Would Recommend: Hope to find some from this thread!
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    14. First off thanks for making this thread well here is mine .

      My YouTube Channel: DollyRoom
      - What Type(s) of Videos I make: box opening, tags, prompts, backstories( sorry i'm lame in vids -.-)

      - YouTube Channel I WouldRecommend: pinotnoiricecreambar, dollfiefever, Chloestoybox, oXTatsukoXo, regegleif7, bi-cos, and hoodieninja are some i'm subscribed to. There is a ton of more but too many to list.
    15. I only have one "Box Opening" video so far, but lately I'm planning to do more handmade tutorials. I've subscribed all channels from the list above!
      My YouTube Channel: A. R. Torson
      - What Type(s) of Videos I make: box opening, handmade tutorials.
      - YouTube Channel I Would Recommend: Hmmm...many, but they're not BJD related.
      #16 RTorson, Jul 15, 2016
      Last edited: Jul 16, 2016
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    16. I try to do some videos in the futur. I already have some plans for a couple projects and hope I can record them for everyone how's interested in :)

      - My YouTube Channel: ordinary unique
      - What Type(s) of Videos I make: Everything that concerns my dolls (BJD, Monster High, Pullip,...) like box openings, face-ups, wig tutorials and more.
      - YouTube Channel I Would Recommend: I actually don't know so many doll related YT channels >__<... I hope I'll have the chance to find some in the futur/in this thread :3nodding:
    17. Hi everyone I just started a youtube channel :) (apologies for my awkwardness)
      - My YouTube Channel: ArcticFawn
      - What Type(s) of Videos I make: my bjds / dolly hauls
      - YouTube Channel I Would Recommend: unfortunately i don't know many yet
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    18. Hey all!
      Thank you so much for making this page!
      - My YouTube Channel:Nerdydollgirl (Nerdydollgirl)
      - What Type(s) of Videos I make: Reviews,Taobao info,Box openings, BJD on a Budget and more!

      - YouTube Channel I Would Recommend: Uncensored dolls ,DarlingDolls, Omocha Crush
    19. - My YouTube Channel:
      Scarlett washere
      - What Type(s) of Videos I make:
      half of my videos are bjd-related, I do unboxing, reviews, and just random videos about sewing and how a doll works!
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