BJDdreams feedback page

Dec 4, 2017

    1. Hello everyone :3nodding:
      I am the owner of BJD dreams shop, my real name is SIMONA i'm an italian bjd lover and after loooong time as customer i decided to try to be a dealer.
      I'm a dealer from a couple of years or little more, i'm young in this experience and i never saw this section of forum so i never had a feedback page XP

      Anyway I will be happy if you will decide to leave feedback after an order from me.

      * What doll or item did you order?
      * Data of you order?
      *Did you choose bjddreams faceup/bodyblushing service? and what do you think about?
      * I was friendly with you?
      * Shipping time from me to you was fast?
      * Would you order from me again?

      Feel free to leave a suggestion for a better service.

      Cheers!! :kitty2
    2. Bought a DOD head from Logan. Super sweet, easy to deal with, prompt replies to messages, very accomodating, and wow, packed with such care. Would deal with without a second thought again. Very excellent experience.
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    3. I sold to Simona: doll volks Megu & Komame 15th Anniversary Version! Simona is a great buyer, very fast payment! Very pleasant communication. Thank you very much for your purchase!
    4. What did you order?
      Loongsoul Zhuzhao, including Loongsoul face up, body blushing and wig.

      When did you order?
      20 February 2020

      How was the communication?
      The communication with Simona was super. She was both responsive on Facebook and on email. Whenever I had questions she did her best to answer quickly and efficiently. She double checked almost everything, which I really appreciated.

      How easy was it to pay?
      Very easy. It was through PayPal.

      How long did it take to ship?
      As soon as the doll arrived at BJD Dreams, she shipped it super fast. Arrived within a few days from Italy. It had tracking.

      Were there any missing or broken items in your order?

      If there were any problems with your order, how did the company handle them?
      The wig I ordered was no longer available, Loongsoul contacted her, and she relayed the messages. It was handled well, I asked for a random wig for the same price. I got a wig, so until i find something i love, he has something on his head. :)

      Would you order from this company again?
      Yes, it was very pleasant doing business.
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