Update [BJDivas] Continuing as a Dealer for Dollshe Craft

May 4, 2018

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      We just received the awesome news from Dollshe Craft that they'll be keeping us on as their dealer. :D We are super excited to be able to continue to help you obtain your perfect companion from Dollshe Craft (and others ;)).

      Dollshe Craft states that the reason for overriding their decision to cancel overseas dealerships is to "take decisive action in cooperation with overseas dealers about piracy and trademark infringement".
      We at BJDivas are committed to continuing to ensure the integrity of our partners' products.

      As always, thanks for everyone's continued support. :love:love:love
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    2. Why are all the Dollshe stuff on your site listed as out of stock? D:
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    3. About that, it's kind of a funny story. :sweat First, don't worry, we are indeed still selling Dollshe! :) What happened was that we were removing all of the Dollshe-associated stuff from our website because dealership with them was supposed to end, and we'd set all Dollshe products to "out of stock" status before deleting them to make doubly-sure that they weren't purchasable anymore.

      Well, of course, literally the day after we'd finished doing all of this, Dollshe announced that they wanted to rescind their decision to terminate dealerships. :lol:

      So, in short, we've restored our website to a previous version and are now manually checking through each Dollshe product listing to make sure they're ok before turning them on again.

      If you'd like to order something that shows as out of stock on our website or isn't yet on our website but is carried by one of our represented companies, get in touch! We can always take your order manually and put it through for you. :)
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