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Update [BJDivas] Dealer for Loong Soul, Charm Doll, WITHdoll, MigiDoll & Telesthesia/Dragon Doll!

Mar 13, 2019

    1. Hi everyone!

      We’re super excited to announce additions to our growing list of officially represented companies! :D The newest ones to partner with us are:
      Loong Soul
      Charm Doll
      Telesthesia/Dragon Doll

      There are events currently ongoing for some of these companies! They are as follows:

      Loong Soul Event
      Event Period: 27th February, 2019 to 31st March, 2019
      A: You can get hand part HB-62-05 (no make-up) and stick
      FH006 (no make-up) as free gifts for orders over $360;
      B: You can get Shoes FH004 (no make-up and strings) and feet FH005 for orders over $700;
      C: You can get a SongSong head (no make-up) for orders over $1000.

      PS: This event can be combined with other events.
      Event A/B/C can’t be combined with each other.

      All gifts are with no make-up, and the shoes don’t have strings.

      Telesthesia/Dragon Doll Event
      March 1, 2019 – May 4, 2019

      10% off entire inventory

      Our entire roster of represented companies can be viewed here: Shop By Company

      They are as follows:
      – BlackBox
      – Charm Doll
      – Dolcebella
      – Doll Chateau
      – Dollshe Craft
      – Doll Family-A
      – Doll Family-H
      – DollZone
      – Dream Valley
      – Fifth Motif
      – Gem of Doll
      – Granado (Vindoll only)
      – Immortality of Soul
      – Loong Soul
      – LUTS
      – Migidoll
      – Miracle Doll
      – Raccoon Doll
      – Ringdoll
      – Soul Doll
      – Telesthesia/Dragon Doll
      – WITHdoll

      As always, we’re open to suggestions of companies that you’d like to see us represent! Our expansion has been due in no small part to the suggestions that everyone has sent for us to pursue! :chibi In our goal to be able to serve everyone’s needs in our beloved hobby, we’ll always do our utmost to establish the working relationships you’d like us to have so that we can provide our services for all of your doll needs! So, if you ever have any suggestions, please feel free to message us!

      Thanks to everyone for your continued support!

      P.S. You can order anything carried by our represented companies even if it’s not on our website yet. To do so, simply contact us and we’ll set up your order manually! Our webmaster is endeavoring to add everything but they’re very inundated. :sweat Sorry about the inconvenience! If there’s anything you’d like to bump to the top of our queue to be added, let us know!
      #1 BJDivas, Mar 13, 2019
      Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
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    2. Would you consider being a dealer for Angell-Studio?
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    3. Would you consider being a dealer for Dearmine?
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    4. Y'all are crazy, holy cow o_O This is incredibly exciting! Thank you for listening to others' suggestions and continuing to expand!
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    5. Asleep Eidolon does not have a US dealer currently, I think...
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    6. That's alot of new conmpanies added to the list, awesome! ^-^ also, I would like to suggest Dollmore.
    7. I second Angell-Studio and Dearmine!
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    8. Oh man, so stoked you're representing Loong Soul now. Greatly appreciate how much effort you're putting into this.

      One suggestion from me - Universe Doll. I'm not sure how open to US dealers they are, but it would be nice to have one.
    9. It would be awesome if Supiadolls was part of your line-up.
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    10. I would be absolutely happy if you could become a dealer for Iplehouse, however unlikely it is :(
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    11. Oh I just thought, maybe Pipos?
    12. We've talked with Angell Studio already, and their dealer terms were difficult for us to work with. We're planning on re-examining their viability for us later this year to see if we can partner with them. :)

      Yes, of course! I'll add that to the list of companies to contact. :D

      No, thank YOU and everybody who's sent in suggestions! :chibi

      We've contacted Asleep Eidolon but haven't heard back. We'll try poking them again! :D

      Thanks for the suggestion! We'll reach out to them. Their website says they require a physical store, but some companies have made exceptions for us on this front so maybe they will do so as well! :kitty2
      Can't hurt to try!

      We've reached out to Supiadoll already but haven't heard back. We'll try again!

      We would be ecstatic if that were to happen too! As well as Fairyland. :XD: Maybe one day... I can dream! :lol:

      I'll add them to the list!
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    13. Have you thought about Little Monica? I am dying to order through you guys soon!
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    14. Ohhhh you've picked up Loongsoul...you're officially my one-stop Bjd shop now. :shudder

      Any chance of picking up Candy Dream?
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    15. exciting news!
      ever thought about dealing for bluefairy?
    16. Seconding this! Totally forgot I have my eye on a LM body.
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    17. Also adding Little Monica vote!

      Perhaps talking with Dollstown?
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    18. How exciting!
      Have you considered Myou Doll?
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    19. Sooo excited to see you representing Withdoll!! Have you considered Dollits or Dreaming Doll? Thank you for all that you do!
    20. Peak's Woods need more dealers! Please try them as well.
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