Preorder [BJDivas] Pre-order Event for "Marilyn", High Fashion Platform Pumps

Jun 22, 2017

    1. Hi everyone! :)

      We are holding a pre-order event for the latest addition to our shop!


      "Marilyn" is the name we've chosen for these fabulous platform pumps. Featuring a sleek black semi-matte body contrasting against a shiny red glossy bottom, Marilyn is a mature shoe option for mini (1/4 scale) dolls, notably slim MSDs. Marilyn was created using the Fairyland Minifee feet as the model and should be compatible with any doll feet that can wear Minifee shoes.

      During this event, you can get these gorgeous pumps at 15% of the normal price of $35.00, reducing the cost to $29.75, with the coupon code "MarilynPreorder" at check-out. The pre-order period ends on July 20, 2017. Shipment of Marilyn will start towards the end of July/start of August.

      Follow the link below to this listing in our shop:

      PRE-ORDER: Black & Shiny Red Platform Pumps for Minifee A-Line - "Marilyn" (post-preorder discount price is USD 29.75)
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    2. We are extending the pre-order period for Marilyn until August 15.

      Our materials order arrived, but it turned out that the supplier sent us the wrong things despite us having ordered the right ones. :doh So, we have to send back what we were sent and wait again for the right materials to be sent. The materials supplier estimated a two-week turnaround time after they receive what we send back. As such, we're unable to start making these shoes until the right materials come in. :(

      We deeply apologize for this, and if any of our customers who had pre-ordered would like to cancel their orders because of this delay, they will be granted a full refund. Otherwise, thank you for your patience and understanding.

      For those that didn't get a chance to pre-order, the 15% off Etsy coupon code, "MARILYNPREORDER", has been reactivated and set to expire on August 15.
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