Limited Items [BJDivas] Suave & Slick (Short Men's Style Wig)

Apr 5, 2017

    1. [​IMG]
      Get the "Tony" for just $18 in our Etsy Shop!

      This short, sleek style with front flare is the first of hopefully many wigs to come. Its design was inspired by Western men's hairdos. While the members of our group love the elegance and beauty of the more traditional Asian-inspired BJD hairstyles, we wanted something different.

      As it is our goal to both supply that which doesn't yet exist as well as do so at an affordable price, you can get the "Tony" for only $18! This wig is ideal for 9-10" heads but will work for 8-9" heads as well.

      Supplies are limited, we will sell these until we run out of material, after which we'll decide whether to make more or discontinue it altogether in favor of new styles. As always, your feedback matters to us, since we strive to meet the as of yet unmet needs of fellow BJD hobbyists. :D

      To save further on this unbeatable price, use coupon code "DOAPROMO2017" at checkout for an additional 10% off. But hurry, because this coupon expires on April 15th!
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