BJDs as decorative item?

Sep 17, 2019

    1. I have one doll sitting out because she makes me smile. The rest of mine are stored away. I did have all my MSDs out but had to out them away after my mother's passive-aggressive comments about them.
    2. I do sew for mine, and many of them have got characters and at least some sort fo backstory as to who they are, how they would interact with one-another, but most of the time they're just on display in my living room:
      Dolly Drift Corner

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    3. oooh that looks so neat!
    4. Thanks. It's an out of date picture but it gives the idea of what I do with my dolls (both on and off-topic)

    5. Currently I plan to customise my two planned future dolls and write a back story but as yet not sure what I will do with them. The 1:12th scale doll may live in my always being a work in progress doll house otherwise I would love to display her in a glass dome on a table top. The fairy doll I have no idea if they will be packed away or on display.
    6. All of my dolls are on display - I know it’s more liable to mean yellowing, but they’re displayed in a basement without a lot of natural light, which helps. I just like being able to see them - I think they’re beautiful, and it also brings back memories!
    7. Between my roomate and I we have 34 dolls and all of them are out on display. For Christmas we dress ones in festive gear and they sit out as part of the Christmas decorations. None of our dolls go into boxes and they are beautiful, fun, and bring happiness ♡
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    8. All my dolls are displayed open and this way they are decorative elements of my rooms, but still I "play" with them (taking pictures, change styles & outfits, take them to meetings,...).
      But there is one which I really bought for display only: my huge Dollzone Mermaid (Tarot Series High Priestress), she is displayed on a wooden plate on the wall like a fish trophy.
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    9. Nice idea!

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