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May 27, 2017



Poll closed Dec 30, 2017.
  1. African fashion

    7 vote(s)
  2. Animal themed wear

    5 vote(s)
  3. Bollywood/Asian fashion

    21 vote(s)
  4. Fantasy/Science Fiction/Steampunk/Cyberpunk

    44 vote(s)
  5. Haute couture/Evening wear

    19 vote(s)
  6. Japanese street fashion (Lolita, Mori, etc.)

    38 vote(s)
  7. Punk, goth & grunge

    25 vote(s)
  8. Rave/club wear

    7 vote(s)
  9. School/work wear

    19 vote(s)
  10. Vintage/Retro (1920s to 20 year bef. now)

    37 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
    1. If you had time to make something for your dolls which sewing/knitting/textile/home made projects would you be interested to start this year?

      I am basing this poll on @Wynn and @SteamWitch questions in @Wynn 's 'Sewing project - coming rounds' thread (under Workshop tab, Project Journals, if anybody is interested :)).

      Moderators, please move this post under the right tab if needed. Thank you.

      By the way, Mori style is a soft silhouette kind of look (natural, earthy, 2 to 3 layers), Lolita covers Gothic/Sweet/Punk/Classic Lolita as well as Kodona which is a boystyle influenced by Victorian boys' clothing.


      ...and I am totally aware that there are only 10 options available, so what about telling us what you would like to make if other options had been listed?

    2. If I had skills and patience to make patterns, I would love to make work wear or vintage/retro styled outfits for my dolls :)
      I'm so bad at sewing and making patterns, and I need whole lot of practice before I would have enough courage to show my sewings to anyone. I need to check that thread to see what you have done before ^^;
    3. My favorite fashions are from the 1930s, but I really try to make the fashion suit what I perceive to be the personality of the doll. Sometimes they disagree with me! :nosebleed I have ordered a new doll and even though she won't arrive for at least another month, I've been sewing for her. Now I hope it all fits, and I also hope that she won't take one look and say, "I hope you don't expect me to go out in public wearing that."!:roll:
    4. If I had the skill to make clothes for my bjds, I would definitely make some
      Haute Coture/Evening wear for my beautiful but haughty bjd dolls that look amazingly gorgeous in formal wear.
      Dolls like Raffine, Amanda Beauty, Stella, Isis would look amazing.

      I would also be interested is designing two styles of kimono (a formal and a punky Kimono) for my dolls that just look divine wearing kimonos under the Japanese street fashion looks. Dolls like Asa and Barahan would be stunning in Japanese formal wear.

      Finally, my vampires would definitely look amazing in a Vintage/Retro inspired look.
    5. I'm not particularly crafty, but I'd like to see some Regency style types. Dresses with empire waistlines, early 1800's rather than the later Victorian style.
    6. I'm hoping to start making several styles not only for my dolls but to sell. Once I feel my skill is good enough
    7. .
      #7 Gintsumi, May 27, 2017
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    8. I've got 4 dolls to clothe:

      Eva: Casual modern, maybe some lolita or mori styled stuff. In my collection of creepy & fantasy, I'd like one cutesy doll. :U
      Eshne: DND style fantasy
      Ichabod: Historical inspired fantasy, little bit of horror
      Death: I can't really think of a style to describe how I'm going to dress her. Because she's going to get a full body blush I want to show off her unique body, so I'm thinking something like The Wives from Mad Max:Fury Road? So post apocalyptic wearing whatever you can use to cover your sensitive bits I suppose lmao
    9. I voted for Fantasy/Sci Fi/Steampunk as I'm looking for an unusual, out of the norm outfit, for one of my dolls. He is anime, so I would like something you'd see in a manga. Guess I'll have to design it myself....though I'm not an expert at sewing, or pattern drafting, but you learn by doing. I just have to find the right inspiration piece, and do it!
    10. I voted for: Fantasy/Science Fiction/Steampunk/Cyberpunk, Japanese street fashion (Lolita, Mori, etc.), Punk, goth & grunge, and Vintage/Retro (1920s to 20 year bef. now).
      I would love to make my doll a kind of science fantasy modernish outfit as that is the general style of the area of the fantasy world I'm currently imagining him in. I also want to make him more causal/normalish outfits and although I'm not entirely sure about his style I do have a rough idea so I'd like to try making him some clothes in fairy kei, mori boy, pastel grunge, punk, and pastel goth styles.
      I think it would be fun to make him a few cosplays of characters I actually want to cosplay as (yay for living vicariously through your dolls) and those characters tend to have science fiction, fantasy, steampunk, or retro outfits.
      Finally, I'd like to make a few retro outfits just for the fun of it :XD:
    11. I couldn't even choose a single one...

      -Animal themed. I've been meaning to make Vince a kitty kigurumi for AGES.

      -Fantasy/Sci-Fi is just something I really love, and I have pattern pieces for that I've not yet had the chance to use.

      -Japanese Street Fashion. I love Lolita, but what I really want to do is build up a good Mori wardrobe for Marigold. She's getting one more fantasy-forest spirit outfit, but I want her to have a day-to-day mori kei look.

      -Punk/Goth/Grunge... well, I've been doing little flannel shirts haha. Technically what I'd really want to do is more New Wave, but I could definitely go for an '80s romantic goth look. (I love the more punk side of 80s goth too, but it doesn't work for Pete)

      -Vintage/Retro. Again, just a thing I love, and it suits my sister's girl so I could always borrow a model if there was nothing that would work for one of my dolls...
    12. I chose three because I couldn't choose just one :'D
      Japanese street fashion - I can never have enough lolita pieces in my dolls wardrobe. I also want to get more gyaru and mori style clothes.
      Punk,goth,grunge - More punk style tops
      School/work wear - You can't go wrong with a well fitted suit, too bad I haven't made one yet. School uniforms are cute, I want to make some matching sets for my dolls
    13. I chose punk, goth & grunge and vintage/retro.

      Typically, all of my dolls are modern characters, so I don't do a lot of fantasy, historical or culturally inspired work. While I do admire the skill that goes into more detailed fashion, it just doesn't interest me to do it myself.

      Punk, goth & grunge-- My ResinSoul Mi is into goth, my Luts Winter 10 hybrid is obsessed with 90's grunge fashion and music. My Migidoll Cho hybrid is the frontman for a punk-pop band.

      Vintage/Retro- Twenty years ago was 1997, middle of the grunge era, so my grunge boy would enjoy that. My Iplehouse Erica wears pin-up style dresses when she has to dress up. My Luts Verna is into 90's cartoons, so some Nicktoons or Disney shirts would be fun for her.
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    14. Haha, I love that vintage can be the mid 90s now~ but then, half my 90s wardrobe was thrifted 20s and 60s stuff.

      The only item of clothing that has been on my mind is a long sleeved shirt dress with a tied belt for my SD16 girl. It's just a basic modern casual piece, so it doesn't really fit into the categories.
    15. If other options had been listed I would make a couture/fantasy mix!! I absolutely adore the mix of modern and fantasy fashion as well as historical european and african clothing!
    16. I think my girl is going to have a "Hot Topic" look, with a '50s feel?
      Kind of a mishmash of various dark colors, with ties to many different fashion categories.
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    17. Oh that sounds super cute! I love retro styles with an edgy feel to them!! :D
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    18. Me too! I want her fashion style to have both a graceful and yet dangerous feel. I'm already collecting fabrics and patterns. :)
    19. My sewing project this summer is hopefully to work on some post-apocalypse fashions for my robot boys. I picked the fantasy option for this, since I guess it's technically sci-fi? I also picked street wear, since I'm working on some dark mori looks for a necromancer, and vintage/retro since I'd like to make some 1920s outfits for a ghost.
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    20. I'm sad "historical " wasn't a choice, so I picked fantasy and retro, although retro isn't quite as historic as what I'm thinking...