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BJDs only for "nerds/weirdos/perverts"?

Mar 8, 2011

    1. I am in no way calling anyone this, but my boyfriend just keeps saying that the proportions of dolls are somehow sexual. I don't see it? I mean, yeah they have boobs and the nether regions but I don't see how they can be seen as something for a fetish? He has even said they're like Japanese sex dolls. Which they are not!

      Then my brother has said that it's a hobby only nerds and weirdos are into. I do consider myself a nerd and a weirdo but I don't really take those as insults hahah. I'm sure there are "normal" people who are into this hobby. But I'm not really sure who would be considered a "normal" person.

      My questions are, has anyone ever thought you were a pervert for your hobby?
      Ever talked to someone who thought they were fetish like?
      Sexual in any way?
      Been labeled a "nerd" or "weirdo" for your hobby.
      Do you consider yourself a nerd or a weirdo for this hobby?

      Sorry if this is in the wrong place or if there's already a thread like this.
    2. I consider myself a weirdo/outsider, but I think the only way most of these dolls could be seeing
      as having "sexual proportions," would be if most people in the world thought giant heads,
      tiny-torsos, and bug-eyes were sexually appealing. Which I'm pretty sure are not the standard for "sexy,"
      in most places in the world (just look at fashion magazines or billboards). ^ ^;;

      Has anyone ever thought you were a pervert for your hobby?
      Yes and no. I was called a pervert once for showing nude photos of my just then newly blushed DZ Mo-Wen,
      by some very brave “anonymous” commentator, on my doll-only-Livejournal – go figure. ^ ^;

      Ever talked to someone who thought they were fetish like?
      No, but most of the people around me (friends) collect dolls or toys of some sort especially anime,
      I think some of those latter ones are actually pretty explicitly sexual compared to these dolls.

      Sexual in any way?
      No. Though a lot of people do use the term “sexy” within the hobby to describe the dolls themselves,
      and there are a few discussion threads around, about the sexual-nature of these dolls. Although, personally
      I don't truly get it, but then again I am a big old weirdo!

      Been labeled a "nerd" or "weirdo" for your hobby.
      Not for this hobby, no.

      Do you consider yourself a nerd or a weirdo for this hobby?
      I do consider myself those things, but not because of this hobby. ^.~

      - Enzyme
    3. The closest thing I ever had was a friend making the "love your dolls but don't LOVE your dolls" joke, which irritated me because all I had were child dolls at the time.

      I don't tell enough people to get a sample, and am also too old to have any friends or family that would go around telling anyone that they're weird or perverts. After a certain point you begin weeding those folks out of your life.

      I consider myself a geek and an oddball for sure (for various reasons, not just BJDs), but this hobby is actually highly populated with non-geek/nerd types. It's a melding of different collecting cultures, many people having come in through fashion dolls and the like.
    4. My non doll friends think they're creepy but have never said anything negative about me liking dolls.
    5. I do happen to be a bit of a nerd/weirdo but this hobby really has nothing to do with it. I've just always been a nerd and embracing it is good for the soul. LOL

      As far as this hobby being sexual/perverse...I'm sure it is for some but it definitely isn't for me. I can't really speak to that aspect of the hobby.
    6. I'm lucky in the fact that my family and friends are accepting of odd hobbies. Sure I know some people who've said that they're weird, but they haven't come across bjds before so I accept that. If somebody verbally abused me over my dolls or something similar then I'd probably lose it ^^'
    7. I’m from Austin TX so weird is a total compliment. Keep Austin weird!

      Has anyone ever thought you were a pervert for your hobby?
      If so they haven’t said so to my face.

      Ever talked to someone who thought they were fetish like?
      Nope. At lest I don’t think so.

      Sexual in any way?
      Mine aren’t. My favorite doll in actually on a genderless body.

      Been labeled a "nerd" or "weirdo" for your hobby.

      Do you consider yourself a nerd or a weirdo for this hobby?

      Self-proclaimed nerd and weirdo! And dang proud!

    8. That's actually a little creepy... You know, people sometimes complain about things that actually apply to them more than anyone else...

      Or maybe he's just being a guy. Thinking of sex every few minutes and stuff like that? ???

      Normal people don't need to worry about what the nerds and weirdos are into, I think.

      My questions are, has anyone ever thought you were a pervert for your hobby?

      I don't think so. And basically, I wouldn't care if they did, because I know that I'm not a pervert and if they thought I was a pervert then they would not be anyone I'd care about...!

      (srsly... i don't think i'd stand for a boyfriend who thought I was a pervert-- but, hey, to each his own, I guess...)

      Ever talked to someone who thought they were fetish like?

      No. I've been into BJDs since '04 and have never heard that. Of course, TMI... and what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms is their own business! But really... it takes some crazy imagination just to think about how that would work... dolls as fetishes? Maybe big sex dolls... but little resin dolls??? wow. I can't imagine it... and I don't want to, frankly...!

      Sexual in any way?

      Dolls can't be sexual. It's all whatever the humans do and think. And other people have no business bothering about what people are doing and thinking... they are responsible for THEMSELVES, only! So I'd tell people who seemed to be obsessing about that aspect to get their minds out of the gutter! (Unless they want to play with dolls in the privacy of their own homes and definitely NOT share!)

      Been labeled a "nerd" or "weirdo" for your hobby.

      Not really. But I really dislike people who put down other people for their hobbies. I'll take the nerd/weirdo label and OWN it, if I have to. But I'm sure there's someone out there who will put down almost anyone for their hobby... Even the guys who do it to other people... So what does that mean? That everyone is a nerd or weirdo? Or that it means NOTHING 'cause everyone has their own opinions? I try to not pay attention to stuff like that.

      Do you consider yourself a nerd or a weirdo for this hobby?

      No, I don't. I think it's a perfectly fine hobby for someone to have, aside from the cost, but then, when I was skiing a lot, that was pretty expensive, too... And I like to travel, and that's more expensive than dolls...
    9. Well, I don't think my boyfriend was directly calling me a pervert or anything. I guess he just thought that after I said that it's not only girls that are into the hobby, that there's males into this hobby as well. And yeah, he could just be acting like a guy thinking about things in a sexual way. (he's seventeen)
    10. I hate to say it, but it sounds like a particularly narrow-minded attitude to think these things must be so. But then, people without much exposure to various hobbies, cultures, and so on will tend to view things negatively by default, or with a great deal of suspicion.

      1. No one has considered me a pervert to the best of my knowledge. Uh, for the dolls, anyway. I've worn corsets in public and done other costume things that have made people arch a brow, and that can be taken in peculiar ways. Quite frankly, even if someone did think of their dolls in that fashion, well... so what? What business of mine is it? (Note to the universe: please don't make it my business, ever. Please? Thanks!) Most of my friends would be considered perverts for some reason or another. Plenty aren't heterosexual, some are kinky, some are asexual, and some people consider all of the above 'perverted', and I see nothing wrong with any of them as people, so I really wonder sometimes about why people are so eager to apply this particular label to everything in sight that isn't precisely like themselves.

      2. No one I've spoken with has brought up any sexual or fetish concepts surrounding my dolls -- unless they're wearing something that would be indicative of it. One of my girls wears high-heel boots that are black patent leather with a platform heel, and a friend of mine (who is not into dolls, but was a professional dominatrix for years) swooned and said they were her dream goth domme boots, and why oh why didn't they make them in her size. ;) That's as close as it gets for me, and I was laughing my backside off when she said it. The same doll, dressed the same way, was regarded by my mother's church choir friends as, my 'cute little babydolly', so you do the math on that one. :lol:

      3. No.

      4. No. Much like perversion, there are a lot of other things ahead in the line to label me a nerd or a weirdo to most people. I stopped caring too long ago to try to keep track and have been much happier for it ever since.

      5. No, though I accept that other people might.
    11. My boyfriend sometimes calls them "sex dolls" but only in a jokey "haha" way he knows they are not really
      :PP and I have heard people sometimes think that people who collect BJD's are just creepy perverts :/ I however
      dont consider myself abnormal in any sense.

      The only time i talk about dolls to people who aren't part of the hobbie
      is when they ask me about it, and even then i try not to go into such details. All the other times im a perfectly civil person
      haha and you would never guess that i collected dolls :P so i think that this is just silly and stereotypical everyone i know
      who collects dolls are perfectly nice people and i dont think they are "weirdo's" at all or perves for that matter :)
    12. Yes. I am all of these things. And I am the general standard.


      ... ;D lawl.
    13. A couple years back my friends and I were a little creeped out by the "naked child in a box" imagery and joked about how this hobby would be perfect outlet for pedophiles; 'better the dolls than real children'. We had a debate about it but finally just concluded that dolls are dolls and they are whatever the owners make of them. (Although sometimes I still am creeped out by the 'naked child in a box' imagery.)

      For me my dolls are like a project model, requiring hours of careful sanding, painting, sculpting (for modifications) and other customisations. It is no different than building a model car or model trains and the terrain for them in that it takes patience, vision and creativity.

      Personally...I think it is weird when people don't have any creative outlets. I bet they get bored easily when they are alone. e_e
    14. :lol::lol::lol:

      No offense to you! But you can kindly tell your brother he is wrong. I cannot
      speak for everyone, but I do know a few in the hobby, and of course myself,
      and we are neither "nerds" "weirdos" OR "perverts" TYVM ;) Although I have
      to say I would happily be a nerd or "weirdo"instead of someone narrow minded
      who believes that things they don't like or understand are crazy, so-to-speak.
      Again no offense :sweat

      As for the "dolls proportions being sexual" comment, a few dolls come to mind,
      mainly DD's...and you can draw your own opinions about it but many Women have
      DD's, I actually wouldn't be against having one except I'm not drawn to Anime style
      faces. I'm curious how many types of BJD's your BF has seen and if he would feel
      that way about all of them?

      More and more dolls are becoming very realistic looking in their anatomy and many
      owners are customizing their dolls in that manner. Is that perverted?
      I don't think so, but some probably won't agree. It actually made me think about
      some things though.
      Dolls have the advantage of being physical things and many of them are either OC's or
      are characters from popular games, which I think is nice!
      But there have been a lot of stories about gamers who become obsessed with their
      game characters....I saw a video of a Japanese man who "married" a character in
      his favorite video game, I don't imagine this was a non-sexual "union". So, because
      some people become deeply involved, even obsessed in gaming mean that ALL gamers
      are weird or possible perverts? I don't think so.

      People always want to label things, my belief though, is if you want to label others
      then you should learn enough about them or their interest (within reason of course..
      there are some things you don't need to involve yourself with intimately in order
      to draw an educated conclusion) before taking the leap of judgment. IMO.
      LOL I got reprimanded on the forum for labeling my neighbor as an alcoholic/addict
      I hope this gives some insight into my personality to show that I wasn't basing my
      label on air.

      Anyhow, that's my opinion, I'm sure a lot of people will be giving their viewpoints
      on this kind of touchy subject. In short you shouldn't ever label or judge something
      based on the actions of a few, especially when it's only an opinion and you don't
      have any actual "proof". *gets ready to be quoted..* :roll:
    15. Ever talked to someone who thought they were fetish like? Nope, but then again not many people have met my dolls. I mainly share them on here or Flickr but they have never received any such comments as yet.

      Sexual in any way? A while ago, somebody said they seem a little "provocative" but it wasn't an insult as she was genuinely interested and has since been looking for one for herself.

      Been labeled a "nerd" or "weirdo" for your hobby. No, but then again I have a house full of small animals which makes many people think I am crazy and I'm a 40 year old female who is into vintage vehicles, especially buses and trust me, it doesn't get any nerdier than that LOL.

      Do you consider yourself a nerd or a weirdo for this hobby? I was born a nerd and weirdo and I have collected all sorts of dolls over the years so BJDs have not made me feel any different. Just happier for having found them :lol:
    16. My sister thinks this too, and she's right, I am a nerd and weirdo. I also don't care. Fly your freak flag high and embrace diversity.
    17. I had a friend comment that Iple's Lee looked kinda like a Real Doll when I posted it on Facebook. That's about it. I have no idea how accurate that is as I've never seen one.

      Just get over it. Seriously. Your bf is 17 and iirc at 17 making jokes about stuff like that is pretty normal, and brothers were put here TO make fun of you. Don't rise to the bait and it'll stop. If they start getting truly mean about it then that's different and y'all need to seriously talk.
    18. I'm involved in the hobby and I find some elements of it a bit too sexulised for my tastes. Huge busted/mature figured dolls with child faces is a World of Wrong in my view, yet it's common in the BJD world, especailly the more Anime/Manga end of the doll styles, and the way that some people dress there dolls has a definate sexual element, from what I see. But for every one of those there's someone at the other end of the scale who has chid-faced dolls on child bodies and/or more mature looking faces on more mature bodies and dresses them in a non-sexualised style.... so it evens out.

      My dolls are mostly kids, and dressed as kids (usually in old-fashioned or historical styles) but there are people outside of the who will/do consider that I MUST be some sort of pervert simply beacuse I am a middle aged man who plays with dolls. JUst as gthere are people who consider anyone who pays the prices we do for these "toys" to be a self-centred, overindulged spoiled brat (or whatever) for "wasting that sort of mony on a toy".

      But each to theri own biased viewpoint - Personally, I'm suspicious about people who "waste" thousands on a sports car when a much cheaper car would fulfil the need for a vehicle, and the speeds such cars can reach exceed the speed limits (so why make them capable of going that fast to begin with), so I can understand why non-dol people would have their suspicions about grown men and women who play with dolls.
    19. I would say BJDs are for creative people. I am odd and a proud nerdfighter, but I wouldn't say BJDs are only for people who are "different" they are for anyone who likes them. I do, however, see how creative people would be considered "weird" by others who are not as creative.

      Also, as far as "normal" goes I don't know what a "normal person" is like, or what kind of hobbies they have. Everyone has their odd little things so I guess I wouldn't call a person "normal" they would just be a person, like all other people. (if this makes any sense)
    20. I think everything I could have said has already been said, but I particularly agree with this. I've known people with absolutely zero creative outlets or passion and they are some of the most miserable, strange people Ive ever known. Truly, most people have something that makes them unique. You have your job and you have your fun. BJD's just happen to be what we do for fun. Some people play paintball, some people paint, some people work on their gardens, it's just a creative outlet, and the only peoole who want to label participants as weirdos are just looking for something to make fun at.