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Bjds Resin is it that safe?

Feb 3, 2018

    1. Hi. I have a question. After my father was diagnosed lung cancer lately, doctors found out that this was due to few days of expositions to particles of amiantus (asbestos) my father was exposed in years 90 or 80, when nobody knew yet about the toxicity of such material. The effects of exposing to amiantus don't arrive immediately, but after a lot of years *later*.
      So most people who worked with it, are experience cancer of lung only in these lately years, and it increases in these last years. Im now concerned to all toxic material that may be not know yet their effects with times. The things we inhalates remains in Our Lungs. (MSC sprays included.)
      The danger is that the effects of this are not immediately visible, but with Times. My father smell amiantus in the year when he was 40. Now he is 70 and the damage is now evident. What remains in lungs will never go outside again.
      Now if resin is also toxic (and not only the sanding process) but it also have a quite strong odour of resin even after years, since I keep my dolls on boxes closed or cabinet. There's other discussions about how keep safely these polyurethane resins 's dolls? How we can be sure that with times when I will be old, there couldnt be problems on my lungs due to the inhalation of substances present in bjds resins?
      Also, I want to keep remember to all that spray with MSC or Any spray or sending.. to be extremely prudent.. avoid to sending or make fumes with resin (I saw some tutorials on Google about Boil resin to mold it again some hand shapes and so on).. boils resin is not that safe. I guess. We don't have to inhalates resin at all.. But how much is so well know and certificated, that this resin is safe? How long this kind of resin has been used? It have more than 50 or 40 years or it's a relatively new material, so we don't know the effect it will have in long time exposition? I Mean.. How much we really know about this material today? Thanks for reading.
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    2. It's asbestos fibres that cause the problems. You don't just 'smell' asbestos, you inhale fibres. It doesn't release toxic gas or anything like that. But it does release fibres with very little provocation.

      Resin is a health hazard when you inhale the dust particles - so never sand or saw/cut it without wearing a mask of some sort. Resin doesn't spontaneously release dust particles, it's not that type of material. Any kind of dust is dangerous to your lungs, but that's because you're inhaling particles.
      Resin falls in the same category as polyurethane used for furniture - it's a different consistency when it's in foam form, but chemically the two are closely related.

      Resin does release toxic fumes when you burn it, but why would you burn your dolls?
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    3. There's a thread about what you can do to protect yourself when modding or painting a doll here.

      And, just so you are aware, they very well did know what the long term effects of asbestos in the 1980s. There are accounts of widespread death due to inhaling of asbestos particles in the asbestos mines in the 1800s and such. It's not a particularly new thing, unfortunately.

      Sorry to hear about your father. I hope he is doing okay. :(
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    4. On an unrelated note... shocked to read there still isn’t a total ban on asbestos in the US.
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    5. Omg! It is not! That's horrible...:vein

      Unlike asbestos, there are ways to be around and work with resin safely. But I can understand your worry.
    6. Please, when in doubt, wear a RESPIRATOR, not a simple white mask, and work in a well-ventilated area - like outside.:eusa_pray
      We don't want anyone to develop lung problems or allergies - ever. Stay healthy, my DoA friends!
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    7. Thanks to all guys for the answers.
      Yes... maybe was more known about asbestos in some countries.. but I live in a little region and informations was not so strong back at those times.. or even if they heard about the danger, maybe was still not confirmed like it's now... I dont have idea.. anyways... I posted just to make open again the attention about the materials we inhalated...
      Im glad to read as much as informations as possible.. not only about MSc, but also about sending the resin and particles... I'm glad to read that the odor of resin itself is not toxic when the doll is new or the box is new.
      Thanks for the answers to all...

      My father.. well.. We knew this just few weeks ago. He is still confused... to think that he have probably few years to live. All started with shoulder hurt. Then before he decided to make more exams, the last month of December, he had a cough that did not heal not even afte 1 month of treatments. His left shoulder hurts for almost many months before this. .. he tries therapies to avoid shoulder pains.. nobody suspected at the begin, that that pain at shoulder was caused by the lung's cancer. He will have some treatments I guess.. we still doing new examinations.. to see if there's others metastasis. I dont know what will happen next. All members in the family feel like guilty that we have days to live ahead without a "deadline" and he have to pass throught who knows how many pains, step by step... but we are fighting till the end.. and I also. hope he will make it.. you still have that hope that he could make it.. .. examinations are not ended yet.. maybe it's still in a state that can be blocked... Who knows.. meanwhile we spend time with my father as much time as we can...

      Yes, stay healthy, dear DoA members.. always.. and always careful with your lungs!
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    8. I'm sorry to hear about your father. It's a shame how many people are poisoned from materials we knew were harmful.

      With that said, I've never heard of resin being harmful if it's just sitting around. If the news comes out that it is, I suppose that's how I'd wanna go anyways :lol: "Find what you love and let it kill you" and all.
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