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BJDs that have a squishy bust?

Aug 18, 2006

    1. to those who have obitsus

      about the new big busted body....the ball joint model one......are the breast made of the same material as the rest of the body? you know, it's hard not squishy?...........i know there's another one that said soft bust but i just wanna be sure :sweat
    2. the big bust option is soft and they are very large..hard to fit in most available clothes.
    3. no, i was not talking about the optional attachment soft bust thingie....i was talking about the body set......with the big boobs....coz it did not say soft bust....it said ball joint model big bust upper torso.......
    4. If you mean the "Obitsu 60cm 2 Part Female Doll BALL JOINT MODEL" (I c&p'd the name from junkyspot.com, I'm not yelling at you), yes, she has the soft bust.
    5. I know the dollfie dream body is a vinyl exterior with a plastic inner skeleton like obitsus, but my friend said she remembers her DD 2 feeling harder and more like resin then an obitsu, even though it was vinyl. So I was wondering if anyone has a DD 2 and could tell me if it's squishy or not :sweat
    6. DD2 body external parts are all made in flexile soft vinyl but the vinyl used isn't very flexible as the one used for obitsu's bust, so, the torso is harder then obitsu but the other parts are more squishy especially the legs. ALso the DD2 have a hard vinyl chest armor underneath the bust part so she feel a lot more solid in hands.
    7. A DD2 is very pleasantly squishy - the texture has been described very fittingly as "like a pair of wellingtons."
    8. Yup-- the DD2 is squishy. Nothing at all like resin. Is it possible that your friend had a Dollfie Dream 1? As I recall, the DD1 was a vinyl doll, but the vinyl was more solid, letting Volks make it as a strung doll. The sculpts are similar, I think.
    9. The DD1 and the DD2 share the exact same sculpt. The DD1 isn't squishy as the DD2, but they aren't as hard as resin - or, say, a Barbie... So I'm puzzled by the "hard as resin" comment!
    10. Yes... they're sort of like Barbie's head. Not gooey, but very flexable. The heads are harder, being made from something else, but the body is soft.
    11. I was just woundering if DDIIs have soft breasts???? I used to have obitsu 27cms so they're both vinyl so I assumed, can anyone confirm this?
    12. I just got my DDII :)

      She does have slightly squishy um...ya, but not exactly "life like" as it's still fairly stiff. :sweat
    13. do you have M or L bust?
    14. All the DD breast are soft vynal ^-^
    15. The entire DDII is squishy - a compatriot described the texture as "like wellingtons". ;)
    16. btw I just ordered my new DD head. what wig size do they wear?9-10? I want to make a wig for her.
    17. DDs wear size 8/9.
    18. As awkward as this thread may have been, I am glad you all started it because I've also been curious and have been wanting a DD2 for as long as they have been around...quite literally!!!!
    19. thanks you all
    20. Could someone enlighten me as to whether any resin BJD's have a 'soft bust'... As in how the Dollfie EB beauty or the Obitsu 27cm models have the 'feature'. I really want to get a resin BJD, but even more I want to feel the soft bust... yes I'm quite perverted :sweat. Or is this only a feature of PVC dolls? Price isn't really an issue, I just want the soft bust... (can't stop think about them... sorry).

      P.S. I hope this hasn't broken any rules; I just joined and haven't read much on this forum to get a good idea of whats acceptable.