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BJD's Under $300 (as of June 2006)

Jun 1, 2006

    1. I am starting this thread so people who want to spend $350 or less can see links to some of the BJD choices in that price range. I am sure I missed many, so please add to the thread.

      1. Currently the Asian currency is rising in value against the US dollar. Because of that, we are seeing frequent price increases in many dolls, so any price mentioned may be out of date.

      2. Some dolls do not include faceups in their basic price

      3. The cost of the doll is only part of what you will spend. Shipping, wigs, different eyes, and clothes all cost money, as does a faceup or faceup materials to do it yourself.

      Most of these are tinies - from very tiny to 1/6. But the Soulkids are MSD's. I don't know what other resin BJD's are are in this price range but I hope others will add to this thread.

      Orientdoll - The tiniest is only $109!!!

      Dollmore (be sure to check out the Elf Elly Banji tinies)

      Here you can see some other dolls like AGA Fairies, Roxy Yam and Becy, i-Elf, Serendipity Cumi, Freyja, and Freyr, and more

      And's there's the tiny Elfdolls - The Korean sister have preteen bodies but the others have quite mature bodies:

      Souldoll - 1/6 Metel and Little Kimmy, and also check out the Soulkids (note - Soulkids are now $304 - just over $300)

      1/6 Soom Uyoo, Romantic Uyoo, Uyoo Elf, and Aren

      And 1/6 Limhwa ToYou

      Also, you can sometimes get a good deal on a secondhand resin BJD in the Den of Angels marketplace topic, especially if the doll needs some work like restringing or a new faceup.

    2. What a nice idea! Hopefully this will cut down on the threads from people looking for "cheap" dolls.
    3. Don't forget the awesomoe new Msd Dim Girls w/cat ears - they're under $300 and can be ordered through Sunrise Dolls.
    4. Dollzone's are just $199 on eBay only.
    5. My Dollmore Kid Asha Girl was $366 total (basic face up, slip dress, shipping from Korea). You could get the price under $350 if no face up is chosen.
    6. There's also Dollshe Ru, who over at Tensiya is just $230 without makeup, $270 with, and at luts she is $260 without makeup.

      (I want to get one myself so that's why I know all that)
    7. The MSD-sized Bluefairy Tiny Fairies are $330 for a 'basic' set that includes a faceup and eyes. If you buy one unassembled and faceupless from option parts they're $290.

      Angelregion Little Fairs are $250 for an unfinished (unassembled) kit, or $299 for an NMK (No Makeup Kit), which includes the assembled doll, eyes, and a wig, but no clothes or faceup -- and I'm not sure because I haven't ordered from them, but their page makes it sound like those prices include shipping costs.

      Prices for MSD-sized dolls can get pretty low if you don't mind that they come bald, naked, and eyeless (and possibly unassembled). But don't forget to factor in how much you're going to end up paying for eyes and wigs -- eyes can cost anywhere from $5 for acrylics to $100 for zouks, and wigs go for anywhere from $8 for a furwig to $40-50. If you want to save money on eyes and wigs, you can try getting them from a US doll supply shop like audreysdolls.com -- they have BJD-sized wigs and lots of types of eyes, and some of them are very inexpensive.
    8. Renzi,

      You beat me to it! I was just copying down their prices.

      Diya (MSD size girl) $250
      Leroi Snow (MSD Angel) $180
      Leroi's Twin (MSD Angel) $180
      Little Leroi (MSD Angel) $150
      Wujee (SD size girl UFK) $300

      Mythdoll is a new company that seems to be having its growing pains. Communication has been sparse from the first and recently there have been unexplained delays and growing wait times. On the other hand the dolls are very nice. I love my Little Leroi.
    9. If I'm not wrong, you missed out LatiDoll? (:

      White Line ~ $189

      Yellow Line ~ $288

      All LatiDolls come with face-up, wig, eyes & clothes, I believe (:
    10. Mythdoll also has a TEMPORARY discounted 60 cm doll called Wujee going for 300$. It is a special fundraiser to help with the artist's family medical expenses and limited to a certain number of dolls.
    11. You can buy Souldoll's "Soulkids" (Griffi, Tiffee, Harang, Katie, Sweeney and Snyder) for less than their listed price of $304 U.S. if you look in the right places. Some distributers sell them for less than $300, but the prices do not include faceups (face paint) or shipping costs.
    12. Lati-doll Green line is $165 for the body and $99 for the head if you buy it as parts, totalling $264 + shipping. They are more childlike, 12" tall ABJDs.
    13. Bambicrony have Roko and Kumi, both 27cm childlike girls, and $260 at Luts.
    14. this is great but i have a ?

      are the prices listed including shipping costs!!

      it helps to give us that info please, :)
    15. Obitsu 60cm are $229.99 with (if I remember) $8 shipping. Extra heads are $12.50-$34.99 from The Junky Spot
    16. No. All prices do NOT include shipping.
    17. Actually, I am pretty sure the AngelRegion prices DO include shipping. It was one of the reasons their dolls jumped from like $325 to $369. The dollar has dropped against the won, but not THAT much.

      If you could actually buy a Volks MSD kit, without paying a ton in shipping and handling or the slightly higher prices at Volks USA, the kits are 31,290 which if you convert at 105 yen to the dollar has them come out a shade under $300.
    18. Different doll companies have different shipping costs, and the shipping also varies if you buy through a retailer in your own country. The prices I listed do not include shipping costs and I stated that.

      If you are interested in a doll you will have to check their site for shipping information. I think shipping to the US typically runs $35-45? for a small doll, less than that for Limhwa (currently $10 I think) and maybe less if you get your doll through a retailer in your country who orders her dolls in groups, or if you get in on a group order with other forum members. If you live in one of the countries other than US that add customs duties to your foreign doll purchases, it can cost you a lot more.