BJDs where they shouldn't be?

Sep 21, 2020

    1. Have you ever seen a BJD someplace you weren't expecting to? For me it was this picture I found on a clickbait website (guilty pleasure) that made me do a triple take. bjdwtf (forgive me for the link, DOA won't let me imbed a photo). It looks like the doll belongs to someone called Narahina, does anyone know them? I'm not sure how these pictures are selected or why, but if it were one of mine I'd really like to know.
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    2. Once Graveyard Girl unboxed a BJD on her YouTube. It surprised me a little, as she'd never had a BJD on the channel before. I suppose I could have predicted she might if I had thought about it, though, as she unboxes a reborn every once in a while and each of her filming areas is adorned with various dolls and doll pieces.
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    3. I saw compact mirrors printed with Dream of Doll stock photographs at a variety store in Manhattan Chinatown once. It was absolutely bizarre, I actually asked the person with me if he could see them too because I thought I was hallucinating.
      Edit: FOUND THEM. Cannot believe I was able to immediately identify Petsha on sight I am literally faceblind at humans.
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    4. I've seen a few YouTubers unbox one that I didn't expect. Also saw one in the background of a YouTube video ^^ they never seemed to mention it in any previous videos though.
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    5. I’ve been watching a lot of Korean tv on Viki because I’m learning the language and one of the shows (called Absolute Boyfriend in English) had a girl holding a bjd in the thumbnail. I haven’t watched it yet but I plan to to figure out what doll she has.
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    6. Omg, I saw these compacts in a shop in a hip downtown area in Michigan as well. I didn't realize there were any with Petsha on them! Totally in love! It's so cool that you still have them. These are what I was going to share as well, I wonder how many of them are out there?
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    7. I have a compact with a bjd on it too, similar to those but its not any of the ones pictured there.
      I'd found mine in a bin of stuff at an anime convention where the seller had just thrown a bunch of random items into a bin and marked it $5 an item.
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    8. On a true crime podcast I used to listen to they have art or photo for each episode. One of them was a bjd. And a cute doll too, not scary looking at all. I was never able to figure out the doll's sculpt though.
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