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BJDs With A Recordable Voice Option

Jan 19, 2012

  1. Yes, that would be peachy keen!

  2. No, that would be completely asinine.

  3. This doesn't sway me one way or the other...

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    1. I was just curious to see the opinions of other forum-goers in regards to being able to purchase a BJD that came with the option to have a recordable voice system. For example, (and I am aware these are off-topic but are my prime examples just to give an idea of exactly what I mean) how would you feel about being able to record a brief message that can be played by pressing a strategically placed button such as those that are included in Build-A-Bears, or just a generic sampling of phrases that can be repeated ad-nauseum such that GI Joes come with? Would this be something you would be interested in as a collector? How would you prefer it be? What would you record? What are your general thoughts on the matter?

      EDIT: I suppose I should pose this question to the Moderators as well; would such a doll, if it met every other standard for DoA, be considered on-topic?
    2. I would not like to have my doll come with pre-recorded messages or a push to talk type of button... I do think the heartbeat feature for the build a bears is cute though ^^
      On the flip side of this, while i am not keen on the "push button to hear one of 4 phrases" I am all on board for the persocom idea! I would love for my doll to build a vocabulary and be able to "converse" with me with a "learning" sort of software. But i dont want them to just talk.. I want them to move and interact on a level that I dont think is possible or perfected yet. So back to the question... in this instance I say no to phrases, yes to conversations? lol
    3. Noo-o. My dolls talk to me enough already without having actual voices. I can see the ad now: "For a limited time only, now others can hear the voices that were previously just in your head alone!"
      Unless I was trying to seriously gaslight someone, or play a prank . . . That has some possibilities maybe.
    4. Partially agreeing with auroraann, dolls will be awesome if they are furbie like. But it will only happen a loooong time later. Interesting idea though.
    5. No interest at all from me. I never liked the "push to talk" toys as a child, and I definitely don't like it now. I don't even know what I would do with a feature like that... I suppose, I could record something to play a prank on an unaware visitor, but, then again, I don't let people touch my dolls :lol:
    6. I'm suddenly reminded of Woody and Buzz Lightyear..
      No from me, since more often than not (ok like most of the time), recorded voices either sound horrible, are poor in quality, don't fit the doll/character, or are downright silly.......and loads more things that could go terribly, terribly wrong. Although, I wouldn't mind being proved wrong!

      Also, dolls, furby-like...haha! Cool :)
    7. No... just no :doh
    8. All I could think of when I saw the title for this thread was Talking Tina (as in the Twilight Zone episode). I wouldn't want that because it makes no sense to the doll. It might make the doll more delicate, and/or less customizable (depending on how the voice mechanism was set up). Most people get one or two Build-A-Bears for a certain occasion, but with a person who has over 30 dolls, I can only assume they'd run out of things to say.
    9. no way that would drive me crazy. I like my dolls just the way there are.
    10. Absolutely not. I never liked talking dolls, as some of the others here have said, because the phrases don't match the character. I wouldn't want it recordable either, because my dolls do NOT have my voice in character. I can "hear" my doll's voices in my head (as in I know what the character sounds like, not that the dolls are literally living in there) and it would have to be spot on perfect. Still...it would be pointless to me.

      I never liked toys that "do" something and I think kids today demand that everything "do" something. I've witnessed my niece and nephew opening toys, including some really nice dolls and figures, and immediately ask "What does it do?" It really makes me feel like creativity is gone and kids can't use imagination to make it "do" something on their own, everything has to be built to impress on it's own now. I'd hate to see the same happen with BJDs. Creative photostories and roleplay could go right down the drain with good old fashioned child's play.
    11. Just for a prank that would be awesome.
      *Do you want to play a game?* :lol:
      But otherwise I wouldn't need it.
      also I second the opinion about the "do" toy theme, schemer.
    12. naw. that wouldnt be for me. I like giving them their own voices in my head and their dialogue on paper for my book. That's pleanty enough for me ^.^
    13. I know right!! I had toys like My Little Pony, Sylvanian Families, plushies, some dolls... and I made my own stories and fun (as well as all sorts of clothes/accessories/homes!), with my sister or friends. It is possibly why I love BJDs so much, they are a grown up version of this type of play :) They don't need some sort of gimmick, and tbh I find it slightly insulting to the artistry behind them :|
    14. This.

      Seriously, guys. The world is a noisy-enough place as it is. Do we really need to go looking for ways to make it worse?

      One of the reasons I like my dolls so much is because they're *quiet*. :lol:
    15. My dolls are able to creep me out already. I couldn't handle that... So.. yah, no.
    16. When I thought about it it would be sort of creepy since theres only a limited amount of voices you can record.
      1. Your own
      2. Your friends/family
      3. Randoms
      4.Off a TV show

      but most people do want their dolls to be unique. so actually having someone elses (or your own) would be quite unnerving (well for me yes)

      though might be good with some of the cosplay dolls? :)
    17. I'm in this camp. Every time I visit my nieces & have to spend more than 1 hour in their house, I disable the batteries in all their toys-- so that they won't start talking & NOT BLOODY STOP FOR FIVE MINUTES SOLID every time you squeeze/move them, the way that all modern toys seem to do. Talky toys that don't shut up, ouch!-- what utter sadist came up with this shit? My god, that Dora the Explorer, her voice goes right through me like a knife.

      I'm also in the "it'd be pointless" camp. I'd have to hire a legion of voice-actors to get all of my dolls' voices just the way I imagine them-- and even then it wouldn't always be perfect, for their inflection is only in my head. And no voice-module could ever keep up with all the different quotes I'd want them to say. And, actually, for some of these dolls, the character HAS no human voice anyway (the merman, the imps, etc).

      No, I like having my dolls just to look at; that's what they're for.
      If I want to talk to something, I'll go play with one of my friends. That's what they're for.
    18. I always liked toys with recorded voices because I always thought it was fun/funny to hear the stuff companies had them say. So I could totally see myself having my dolls say stupid stuff just for a laugh.
    19. For a while SoulDoll offered dolls that would play the sound of a heartbeat and although I found it an interesting idea, I never found it interesting enough to actually pay the extra cost of getting the heartbeat device.
      I personally would not be interested in a recorded voice to go with my doll.