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BJDs with their own social media?

Jan 25, 2018

    1. I hope this is the right place! I've seen a few similar threads but none asking these specific questions, so here goes.

      1. Do any of your dolls have their own social media accounts like real people (such as one of your dolls having their own Instagram account)?

      2. If yes, why did this appeal to you? If not, why not? How do you feel about it? Would you ever consider starting one?

      3. Have you had any bad, good, or funny experiences that arised from your BJD having their own account?
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    2. This is a great idea!
      1: I personally don't have one but now I'm strongly considering starting one haha.

      2: It seems like it would be a lot of fun! I haven't made one yet because I've never thought of it. Something that I'm hesitant about is that I don't know what I would do with it or if it would just go dead really quickly. I think it's a great idea though because it would really help me get a better idea of my doll's character.

      3: Not any yet as I haven't created one :sweat
      I think something that would be pretty funny is if someone else was doing the same thing and your doll(s' character) became friends with theirs.
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    3. I don't remember seeing a doll having their own social media account before. I can't say that it appeals to me personally, but it does sound similar to people having roleplaying accounts (ex. ask a character accounts on tumblr) which can be very entertaining to watch at times.

      I'm guessing that the reason doll accounts wouldn't really appeal to me to begin with is because my own dolls don't have defined personalities, so to me it would be a little off-putting. I wouldn't even consider making one because keeping my dolls "in character" would be extremely difficult. Plus, what if you want to change your doll's character at some point? Do you make a new account?

      Having a roleplaying account that updates regularly is also a ton of work in general. I don't think I'd be willing to put that much time and energy into it, especially since I already use social media platforms to share my hobbies.

      Overall, I don't see anything wrong with the idea but it's just not for me. I'll let people have their fun and manage their social accounts however they want. ;)
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    4. I considered this idea once but then when it came to doing it I felt too lazy to follow through XD
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    5. I'm pretty sure I once stumbled upon a tumblr account that was exactly this. At first I thought it was someone who only had one doll, but it was all in first person and the owner took pictures in such a way that it looked like the doll was taking them. It seems like a neat idea, but not something I would do.

      I do, however, have an IG that's only for my dolls along with my personal one.
    6. I had a couple of Facebook accounts for my dolls. It was kind of fun for roleplaying. They would friend other BJDs and have conversations and stuff. But it got to be quite a bit of work and I stopped. (Actually, I might not have stopped but I took a break from the hobby for a few years.) It was fun and I could consider doing it again.
    7. Ooh this does sound fun. I think it would make for cool interactions with others in the doll community too. Im not a big roleplayer, but this seems like a good way to develop your dolls personality and stuff if you have a character idea in mind for em
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    8. I don't. I currently have five full (humanoid, I'm not even counting the pet dolls here) dolls and that number will keep growing, so I don't think I could choose just one for that or even keep up with it. Besides, I already have the maximum (as far as I know) amount of accounts on my Instagram app, and I really can't be bothered to keep logging out and on from them all the time so I don't intend to make any more than that. So I have one account for all my doll stuff and that's good enough for me. :) I haven't seen it done either that I can recall, but it seems like a lot of work, and I'm not sure I'd be too interested in following an account that was focused on one doll only, unless I absolutely loved that doll. But of course, that's just me!
    9. I really like this idea.
      I think it would take allot of work and creativity from the owner to pull it off, but It would definitely be fun to follow :3nodding:
    10. It does sound like a fun idea. I know it would take a lot of time which I don't currently have...And without the role playing aspect it could be a place to gather all the photos of a specific doll in case it does gather following. But then again why waste a whole profile when you could just have a single album on your own, lol.
    11. I started my BJD Instagram as if it were my first doll's account, but I ended up feeling like it was too cheesy and switching to my perspective (which has worked much better for me, especially as the dolls multiply). Even so, the idea still appeals to me.
    12. Honestly, I am thinking of creating a separate Instagram Profile for my bjd. I feel like my profile has people that do not know about my hobby, and I do not want them to ask unnecessary questions. I don't think I will go for like a role-playing type, but posting nice pictures of dolls would be cool. Also, it is a good opportunity to meet new people in the hobby :)
    13. I think it very interesting, but it takes a lot of perseverance to continue doing it.
    14. Nope, though the thought of making one has definitely crossed my mind. At the moment 3 of my dolls/characters are really into fashion and different clothing styles in general, 2 of them do modelling occasionally so I think them having their social media accounts would very much fit their character, however I'm personally very "meh" about social media in general, so making (let alone maintaining those) accounts would take more effort than I'd be willing to put in. I'm happy enough with just imagining them having their blogs and whatnot without them being a reality. :3nodding:
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    15. My friend used to have a facebook account for her doll but I don't think she's updated it in a while.
    16. I don't update my own social media very often but I think if I made one for one of my BJDs I'd probably update it much more often. For me my dolls are an escape from reality and I'm not very fond of my own body image, so it would be fun to enjoy say Instagram through a doll while expanding on their character too ;)
    17. 1. Do any of your dolls have their own social media accounts like real people (such as one of your dolls having their own Instagram account)?
      Yes, a few of them do have a Facebook account.

      2. If yes, why did this appeal to you? If not, why not? How do you feel about it? Would you ever consider starting one?
      I role play my doll characters, and the sites I used to play on closed, so we had to find a new way to go about it. I only friend other BJD RP accounts on them (not my own, not any human accounts, not doll owners, not any doll affiliated shops or businesses). Everything on the account is through the character's eyes, no mention at all of them being dolls. They're private accounts. It would be much too awkward to me to have any real people interacting with my doll characters, I prefer to keep real life and role play totally separate. It works fairly well, but a lot of the current FaceBook features make it kind of annoying and harder to keep info private.

      3. Have you had any bad, good, or funny experiences that arised from your BJD having their own account?
      I have had a few real people try to add them as friends or hit on them, which was super awkward to me, they were people I'd never even heard of. That's when I changed the accounts to private and made it so only friends of friends could send friend requests, and only accepted friends could see the full profile.
    18. Wow, I can barely manage to post on my own social media accounts and I confess to being a little bit scornful of people who have accounts for their pets, but having one for a doll could be kind of fun. I know already, that my dolls would have much more interesting lives than me!
    19. I have Tumblr pages for each of my dolls with photos, art, and stories of each doll. I also include some inspo posts. For my pages, it's me posting, not as if the character's posting. It's less of a roleplay thing and more of a character thing. As a writer, it helps me keep all things related to that character in one place so if I need a reference for something, it's easy to find. I DO have a long list of Tumblr's to scroll through though which is the major drawback to doing it that way. I also had to do it over the course of three days as there is a limit to how many new Tumblrs you can make per day per account.

      I have considered doing a roleplay account somewhere, but as I already have all the roleplay I want, I haven't done it.
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    20. Each of my dolls has her own Facebook. I don't do a lot with them but sometimes when I'm bored I make them post to each other's timelines :XD:
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