Limited Items "Black Butler Book of the Atlantic" Ciel Phantomhive Cast Doll [DOLK X IOS]

Oct 15, 2018

    1. Items that reproduce the costume set which Ciel wears in "Book of the Atlantic" ver. were stick to the silhouette along the body, and it is an elegant and luxe finish.

      The width of the stripe print on the fabric used in everywhere of the costume is adjusted in increments of 0.1 mm, considering the scale of the doll size.
      In addition, the eyepatch which is the characteristic of Ciel, the ribbon tie to be an accent,
      the hut full of luxe feeling are sticking to the material and texture, and finished with custom-made size only for Ciel.

      Beautiful handmade make-up is finished as a limited make-up that imaged Ciel of a luxury liner edition, which is different from any Ciel whom released in the past,
      We expressed it with an image leaving infantility even in the noble and languorous expressions as the young head of the phantomhive family.

      We reproduced the right eye with a contract sign with Sebastian and the left eye which becomes the Ciel's original eye was made beautifully as resin eye.
      Please experience every scene of the story with costume and wig which faithfully reproduced in three dimensions.


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    2. Is there any different size of this?
      This is so amazing, but I want a smaller one.
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    3. Sorry For the late reply. By the way, we only one size of ciel at this momment. Thank you.
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