Black Cherry Doll Cookie Series

Mar 12, 2020

    1. What mm size eyes/iris do you recommend for the cookie dolls like Brownie? I have a 4.5"-5" wig that fits well, but the style is wrong for her. Is there a great site for that size wig? I found some of the curvy barbie clothes might fit the top, but what size will fit the bottom and any resources for that?
    2. I don't know honestly, but I hope you are able to find the answer you are looking for. :bump
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    3. Hi! I have a black cherry dolls Bukkumi and I think she takes 8mm eyes, but I'm not super sure? The iris is 4mm as far as I know. I've found that MSD bottoms and YoSD tops fit well. Good luck, and I hope I helped a bit!
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    4. Thank you I'll try those eye measurements. I did notice some Barbie plus size dresses fit as tops for her. I'll try MSD bottoms. Now to find the right sized shoes, too! ;/

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    5. @GreenVixen , hope you'll find everything needed.

      In my case, I don't have to worry about the eyes )


      But I do need to find a prefect wig for her. This one is just a temporary one.
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    6. I just ordered a Strawberry Milk gem Zephyr. :o
      Wasn't really planning on ordering one, but I was captivated as soon as I saw her.

      @GreenVixen their website says 12-14mm.
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    7. I just ordered a Cherry Red Brownie!!! I am so excited! Very impulsive purchase, I actually sold one of my first dolls to a friend to be able to buy her. I held back all day trying not to buy her, but in the end I couldn't resist :cheer :chomp:
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    8. I'm thinking those would be to large for the cookie sized girl. Might have to use the sleep face until I find the correct sized eyes. I will try 12mm and see. I will also smaller around 8mm and compare. Thank you!
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    9. Perhaps it's too soon, but I wanted to ask anyway— has anyone received one of the limited girls yet (cherry red Brownie, strawberry milk Zephyr, or ice cream budha Bukkumi)? Mine shipped on October 24th, but hasn't updated in about two weeks now (not that I'm expecting a super-fast delivery or anything lol)
    10. My tracking has indicated that I'll be able to pick her up tomorrow! I ordered the strawberry milk zephyr, she shipped on the 24th as well, and I didn't have any updates between the 29th of October and the 9th of November. I'm in the Netherlands and EMS shipping in the past has only take about 4-6 days, while this time it took approximately 18 days.

      Already saw that I got hit with the import tax. :atremblin*_*
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    11. Hope your dolls will come safely soon!

      Another picture of my doll, I call her Reverie for now.
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    12. She's gorgeous!!! I love her white hair.

      My Brownie was supposed to be delivered today, but the mailman left a note claiming we weren't home basically and he couldn't deliver it (but we were home the whole time.) Frustrating! hopefully tomorrow I can send pics of my red Brownie :XD:
    13. @taichas ,
      thank you!
      Oh, how I hate when this happens! People are staying at home much more these days, why is it hard to ring or knock and let people get their parcels with no problems? I hope you'll be able to get her and show her to us tomorrow.
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    14. I called and complained and she ended up getting delivered today!! She's so lovely! I haven't gotten a new tiny in so long, she's so light :chibi I really love the ball joint in her torso. I'm not sure what to think about her knee joints though haha, I've never had a doll with knee joints like hers. I'm obsessed with the little ballet feet too :XD:

      Pics here -- https:// /p/CHjEiFOjbGx/ (my links keep breaking, so just copy/paste and remove spaces!)
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