Black Cherry Doll

Jun 14, 2014

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    1. I LOVE Shen, it's such a shame no more will be made. I'd snap her up in a heartbeat.
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    2. I whole-heartedly agree. She's got the cutest little smile! I admit I was pretty disappointed to hear that she wouldn't be made again.

      However, the artist has stated that more heads are in the works, so I'm waiting to see what those look like. Hopefully there will be one that bears a resemblance to Shen!
    3. I wonder why no more Shen heads? It's a lovely and exotic head.
    4. wow pretty..were do you find them at
    5. So striking and i absolutely love the eye proportions on these girls. Are they special eyes, or is this head just sculpted to take smaller eyes than the average SD head...? They look like special eyes to me because the iris/pupil to whites proportion looks smaller than on most BJD eyes available.
    6. oh wow what beautiful sculpts!
    7. I wonder if this is going to be the trend with this artist. Only releasing a couple of heads then moving on. I don't particularly care for those type of rush releases even if the dolls are seemingly nice.
    8. Hope they release Shen again.
    9. I love these sculpts..I really would love Shen as well. Hopefully we will see more in the future...
    10. Woah these are beautiful dolls I kinda like them and would probably be head over heels if their face-ups were more natural and not so bright. But waiting to you Black Cherry Doll.! Oh one more thing are you a doll distributor and these are dolls you manufacture and sell?
    11. These dolls are so beautiful! I would give almost anything to own Shen. Very fussy with my girl dolls but this girl... So stunning! I wish there were more than three. Definitely keeping an eye on this thread and the company. XD
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    12. I've always liked Shen, when I first saw her posted last year I was sad to see she was just an edition of 3. I'll be watching for the new girls too. V Chan, I know what you mean about the artist moving on, but that's the nature of the artistic soul, there's always something new to create. At least with heads, we can actually afford to buy them when they are released.
    13. WOW! I love how unique they look! Will Aishat have an open eyes version?
    14. Just discovered this artist - wow, her dolls are amazing! Does anyone know how to purchase Aishat? I see from Flickr that they have been cast.
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    15. I love Aishat! I wish that her open eye head was available. It would be so wonderful to have both
    16. I think the closed eye version gives more room for custom, since you can open the eyes in a unique way. =)
      I have seen some heads woth eye-opening mod from the first preorder, they looked pretty nice.
    17. I am in love with the Aishat head. She's so lovely. She somehow looks peaceful and pensive at the same time.
    18. Can't wait to get this girl. I am thrilled! I will need to find someone to open her eyes, but that is a very small concern.