Black cherry MSD

Jul 31, 2020 at 1:20 AM

    1. To my suprise there was no thread yet for MSD Black cherry dolls (and I had accidentily posted my girl in the large doll thread) so I wanted to start one here. I am totally addicted to black cherry dolls faces. They are so cute and photogenic. I have some issues with the MSD body’s posing, but that might be fixable with a tighter strining and some sueding,which I have not done yet.

      so here are my girls: yelena (blackcherry meihua in natural skintone) and Tasha (blackcherry eirlys in natural skintone). They are sisters, but look nothing alike.


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    2. I love your girls!:D I have Meihua on order in milk chocolate, which I hope will work with the fantasy-color wig I bought. If it doesn't, she can exchange wigs with another doll. I wanted natural skin but the in-stock doll was already sold and I didn't want to wait for another pre-order. She's so cute I love her in either color. Until she arrives I'll get my daily fix by looking at Yelena and Tasha.:3nodding:
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    3. I can’t wait to see some more girls in here. Tasha can already look so different by changing her hair and eye color. Their faces are so versitile.
    4. I can't decided which of Tasha's two wigs I like better. I love the long yellow and orange wig, but I also like how the shorter blonde wig gives her a completely different look. Yelena's short red wig is my favorite. If Meihua can wear the fantasy wig I bought, she'll have blonde, pink, yellow, purple, blue and green hair. It sounds awful but most of it blends together. I like to stretch a new wig a little before putting it on a new doll, so another doll is wearing Meihua's wig at the moment. I only hope she's willing to give it back when Meihua gets here.
    5. Yes, I have a Ziya wearing a wig meant for Ophelie atm and she looks so totally different from all other Ziya’s in it that I am pretty sure she won’t give it back LOL. But Yelena won’t share, that wig is hers. Ans as for Tasha, the red wig isn’t hers and its way to big, she had to wear two silicone caps to keep it on. But her hair wasn’t ready yet when I wanted to take pics during a very short blooming period in spring so thats why she got to wear it. And I admit she looks good with the bright colors, but it doesn’t fit her OC I am afraid. I might need to get a tan Eirlys in the future to rock those brights
    6. It sounds like the Eirlys and Meihua sculpts have different size heads. That's awkward when planning for wigs. I like having wigs that several girls can wear. If they can share, it cuts down on how much money I have to spend.:lol:

      You could get a tan Eirlys...or maybe Black Cherry will release a new MSD in the near future.
    7. Oh no, their wig size is similar. The red and yellow wig Tasha was wearing was a different dolls (youpla)
    8. Oh, good. You had me worried there for a minute.