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Black Male BJDs... Any plans yet?

Dec 9, 2006

    1. And I'm not talking about tanned dolls...I'm talking about dolls with the likeness of Afro-American/African people -- broader noses, larger lips, distinctive chins... I know I, myself, would have to buy several.

      I'd love to see Iplehouse try their talent at making one... or several. Could you imagine?

      Wah! I'm so tired of all the boy dolls looking the same! GIVE US SOMETHING DIFFERENT!
    2. That would be very nice to see, if the company could pull it off right. *dreamy sigh...*
    3. There has already been A LOT of talk about black dolls. ^w^;;;
    4. Yeah... I mean, Iplehouse did an amazing job on Cocori. But man...need a black boy! Need several!

      Yeah...but that was before Cocori came out. I almost think Iplehouse may have some plans in the mix. Or at least they should.
    5. In December Or January. So Stated In Response Of Cocori Having A Boyfriend. (free Space Area)
    6. *squeel* Now that is what I'm talkin' about. <3 I cannot wait for that.
    7. OMG that would be delicious!!! :love
    8. *jumps up and down next to timchener*
    9. wooow....I already want Cocori....her bf would be dreamy too!
    10. I'm so excited that they are making black dolls now, even of they are limited and I'll never get one. I'm excited to see Cocori's boyfriend!
    11. Oh man, I totally need a hot black man in my crew! :D
    12. Who doesn't need a hot black man in their crew? XD! *wrings hands* I swear, I'm going to be chomping at the bit until he comes out. I hope he's just not another tanned Soo Ri...as lovely as Soo Ri is. *pets hers that hasn't shipped yet*

      I hope he has a hot name... like... MARCUS. Mmm...Marcus.
    13. XD Mmm...Marcus, how perfect. But yes, I can agree with everyone here that a gorgeous dark skinned dream boy is a perfect edition. *Waits not so patiently* :whee:
    14. :love Oh God let him look like LL Cool J or Taye Diggs or Denzel .......
    15. ohhhh i could go for a Denzel looky likey doll:D what a beauty he would be......
    16. Go Iplehouse! I would love to see more African-American dolls of all genders and sizes out there. It's great Iplehouse is working on it.

      And if he looked like Denzel... and with that new Iplehouse body...

    17. Sign me up, I'll get one! yummmmm:love
    18. I would have to get one! omg.. i would name him Martavious! I've always wanted to see a black doll though because I thought that they would be the smex. :3
    19. LOL, Marcus. But yes, I want an African doll because I want a traditional Masaii warrior! I have to admit to wanting a doll that looks more African than those who've been out of that continent by several generations.

      [EDIT] That was in no way meant to be racist, by the way. /disclaimers.
    20. Ohh! We just finnished watching a video on the Masai in anthropology (well, on the women, but the men were there too)... I'm going crazy seein all these connections!

      *cough* Yeah, I really like Cocori! I'm going to hold iplehouse to high standards for this rumored guy comming out! <3