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Black Riche Set O/S Again -_-

Feb 9, 2006

    1. The awesome black outfit is back in stock. Snap it up guys! I know I just did. >_>

      1 left!
    2. its gone already T.T

      but on another note, the pink kitty fur wig for mnf/kid delf & delf is back in stock!
    3. Wow that was fast, but I can't say I'm surprised. :oops:
    4. LOL, wow, that WAS quick.
    5. I got one. YEEEEEEAH! :sumomo:
    6. ooo! it was YOU!!!! your clicking finger is WAY too fast!!!!!:aninja:

      Congratulations :aangel:
    7. **sigh** I wish they'd restock their glass eyes. =_=
    8. DAMN! why the heck don't they restock more than like 5 at a time??? missed it again ::fumes::
    9. I completely missed it. DX *misery*

      I'm starting to think I'll never get that outfit. T_T
    10. I was just thinking (yeah, hours later) that I should thank you for posting that it was back in stock because I really wanted that outfit and I went to luts the second I saw your post said there was only one left, and I was able to get it. So thank you for posting it :)
    11. Your welcome. I'm glad I got it too. Now I just need the white one. >_>
    12. Boy, did that go fast!

      When I was placing mine in the shopping cart, there were still several of them left..by the time I finished check out (about 5 min?) and confirmed my order it was out of stock.
    13. I wonder how many they actually restocked this time around. I wish they'd re-stock some of the generic things like underwear and just plain jeans for all the doll sizes. -_-
    14. Crap...I go to dress rehearsal and come back and pow, restock and sell out again! yeesh.
    15. :atremblin Maaaaan!!! I missed because I was at work! Arrrggggghhhh!!! :x
    16. They must have restocked a bunch of stuff today. I snagged the white corset set I've been lusting after for months *does victory dance*
    17. I missed it too. Argh!

      And I really want those v neck sweaters for boy, I wonder if they'll come back in stock soon.