Black Swan by Spirit Doll

Feb 5, 2017

    1. Hi, I'm a newbie and have put Spirit Doll's Black Swan on layaway through Dolk. Does anyone else have her? Are you happy with her? What are your prospects and cons about the doll?
    2. Hi!! Congrats!! This doll is pretty new and maybe none is getting one, but I would like to see photos from owners, she looks great!
    3. Congrats on her! Black swan was only released a short time ago, (Around a month, I think?) and her body sculpt is totally new. Spiritdoll's wait time right now is about 3-4 months, so I doubt anyone has received this doll yet. Maybe you will be the first to share photos :)
    4. I am really hoping to get this doll sometime soon in the future. She looks gorgeous and is exactly something I'm looking for! As everyone else mentioned she's quite new, but hopefully you'll be happy with her and maybe you can share more about her with us :)
    5. Would really appreciate some photos showing the body (as I can't find any anywhere) and her flexibility!!! Anyone???