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ReRelease [BlackBox] Little Fox MOCHI Returns for Only TWO WEEKS!

Jul 3, 2018

    1. Hi everyone!

      BlackBox has re-released their adorable little fox BJD, Mochi!

      [​IMG] [​IMG]

      However, Mochi will only be around for a short time; her ordering period is only two weeks long:
      July 3, 2018 – July 18, 2018

      Not to worry though! We at BJDivas are here to help you bring her home with our layaways!

      Catch Mochi before she runs away again! :D


      Order Here
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    2. "If you tame me"... then what? There's nothing else... but it's an unfinished sentence and I nEeD tO KnOW WhAT haPpenS if yOu T@mE MoChi NOooOOOOooOoOoo a;lwketjh;klawet;qlnqawebvaewwre :shudder

      More seriously though, what happened to the other skin colors? I (and apparently at least one other person) thought that the next Mochi release would have more colors than white?
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    3. According to the artist, yes, that was the plan, however development of new colors for Mochi would take a long time and not be applicable until a much later release, but they wanted to re-release Mochi now as a celebration of the third anniversary of their establishment.

      They also said that the new color(s) are a mystery. :) All I can say is that Mochi isn't offered in the tan and black colors that Anubis is/was.
    4. Why aren't the purple eyes for sale this time around? They're heavily featured in all the promo photos but we only have the option for gold
    5. The purple eyes are now available for sale. :)

      The reason that the purple eyes weren't at launch is because they're acrylic eyes made by a different shop, BlackBox had purchased them from that other shop and wasn't sure that they had them available again. On the other hand, the golden eyes are resin eyes made by a collaborating artist.

      We just finished conferring with BlackBox, who contacted that other shop, and the purple eyes will be available again now. :D