BlackBox Mochi

Jul 27, 2017

    1. I wanted to open this thread to discuss BlackBox's Mochi! I've ordered mine and was curious to see if anyone else would be/ already ordered one of their own.

      BlackBox Facebook (This is where they post most of their updates.)
      (Photo owned by BlackBox)

      (Note: I'm not associated with BlackBox, I'm just a fan.)
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    2. I placed an order for one on the 25th! Still have a while to go now, but I'm excited :aheartbea
    3. I know... The wait always sucks, but it's usually worth it in the end!
    4. I also ordered a Mochi! So excited for this little fox; Blackbox did a really great job on the design and the jointing looks so fun!

      Do we know how long the wait on them will be? Now that I think about it, I don't think I've seen a time listed anywhere...
    5. Based on what I gather from Google's horrible translation of the TaoBao listing, it will be about 3 months starting at the end of the preorder. Add a month if you order with a faceup.
    6. Angelesque told me 3-4 months when I placed my order. She also told me they're not able to offer faceups though? :?
    7. :huh?: The TaoBao page does have an option for faceup, but they can't be selected. Maybe they decided not to offer last minute, but left it in the description?
    8. Maybe? I know Angelesque only found out they'd not be offering faceups like a day or two after preorders started, because I asked her and she had to ask them, haha.
    9. I ordered mine from Angelesque last week too. Can't wait to have her. :)
    10. I ended up caving and pre-ordered her!
    11. Is the preorder closed already? I feel like I may have missed it.
    12. You have until the 21st!
    13. Ah. I found it. It's for the UK, sadly I'm in the US and the dealer for here doesn't seem to be up yet. Thank you for the deadline date though. I'll just keep checking.
    14. I'm in the US as well. I ordered through TaoBaoSourcingService. They're a TaoBao agent who does a lot of orders for dolls and the like. I've used them a few times before with great success. Also, Angelesque does ship internationally.
    15. I live in the US. I just use a proxy. The one I use is called SuperBuy and I've used them for other doll purchases as well. If you're interested just PM me and I can give you a code to get a discount off of your shipping :)

      If you don't want to go through a proxy then I do think Angelesque ships to USA as well!
    16. I also ordered through Angelesque. Now the long wait... :)
    17. Ordered mine yesterday, literally last-minute. :sweat
      So happy that I found a discussion for the little one.
      He will be a sweet little Christmas gift, if production takes 3-4 months anyway. :)
      Can't wait for all the pictures of those cuties.
    18. The face is perfect...somewhere between a cat and a dog. So, so cute!
    19. Anyone got any updates? I got a noticed that it was delayed :/ but no updated time line
    20. They replied to someone on Facebook, saying they were hoping for the end of November, but that seems unlikely now. :sweat I know they had some delays with the Anubis dolls because they had many more orders than expected, so it could be the same.