Limited Items [BlackBox] Upcoming Foo Dou Release: Everything You Need To Know

Jan 18, 2020

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      BlackBox's greatly anticipated Chinese lion/foo dog BJD is releasing very soon!.

      Due to the high demand and extremely limited availability for this doll, we wanted to post information about it ahead of time so that everyone can be as prepared as possible going in.

      Limited quantity: Foo Dou is limited to 20 sets for each dealer/region.

      Price: $278.00 for the set

      Includes: A blank Foo Dou and three Mini Dou. Official makeup options are not available.

      Optional add-ons: Two types of official eyes: gold and silver-blue. The eyes are not limited, however we will stop accepting orders for them once the allocation of Foo Dou is sold out.

      Processing time: Due to the complexity of the doll, the production period is at least 12 months.

      Important production notes: The only available color is the semi-transparent blue imitation jade shown in the promotional images. The material is resin. Due to the many details of Fuu Dou, the residual rate is very high. The injection ports and the seamlines cannot be completely removed. These inevitable small defects do not affect the posing ability of the doll. Do not order Fuu Dou if these defects are unacceptable, the artist is unable to do anything about them.

      Who buyers might be competing with: BlackBox's own allocation was sold out within 3 minutes of their opening the listing on their Taobao site. We're expecting Chinese buyers who missed the sale there to be trying for a chance through us in addition to the normal customer base. Furthermore, while $278 is the official price set by BlackBox and the price that we are following, some dealers appear to be offering Foo Dou for a much higher price. At the official price, we expect our allocation to go very fast indeed.

      Payment options: Due to the limited number and the high demand, we will only start accepting layaway orders for any remaining stock 24 hours after the release time. We apologize for the inconvenience, but due to workload constraints this is an unfortunate decision that we had to come to.

      Our suggestion: If you're planning to buy Foo Dou and the eyes, pre-prepare your cart by putting the eyes you want into it ahead of time. Once Foo Dou's listing is open, add him and check out.

      RELEASE TIME: January 18, 2020 at 2:00 PM CST (20:00 GMT)


      Good luck everyone!!! :D

      The concurrent traffic seems to be causing issues with our host. We're currently in live chat with them to resolve the issue.

      Our website host is currently helping us with the site crashing issue. Too many people trying to process things concurrently is causing issues. Please keep refreshing/standing by.

      I apologize for the inconvenience of the website crashes that everyone experienced. We'd stress-tested the website prior to the launch and our host assured us that it would be no problem. We were concerned nonetheless, and that's why we had the host on the line from before the pre-order opened.

      We'll endeavor to do better for future releases. Again, I'm sorry for the trouble, and we'll also petition BlackBox to release more in the future.

      Foo Dou was never meant to be this limited of a release. The reason that it was is due to the manufacturing difficulty and manufacturing time. BlackBox was worried that if they did a time-limited release like with all of their other releases, that some customers might not receive their dolls for two years or more. Furthermore, they already feel very bad for the defects that can't be removed and thought that people wouldn't want Foo Dou, or that it would reflect negatively on their usual work and quality.

      The limited quantity was primarily due to BlackBox trying their best to be a responsible artist and business. As it seems that Foo Dou is welcomed despite the inherent manufacturing flaws, so long as the production run goes smoothly, he will return, and we'll do our best to ensure that everyone who wants to bring him home will be able to do so.
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