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Bloody Alice from Peak's Woods & DollHeart

Aug 10, 2010

    1. Hi, this is Peak's Woods.

      We'd like to inform you that the LE Bloody Alice is prepared as a cross over project between Peak's Woods and DollHeart.

      It is a fullset that has a qauntity limit of 40 sets.

      We will soon take orders from general customers all over the world for our Bloody Alice.
      And the ordering period is from September 1 to 10th.
      But there wouldn't be 10% discount like there was for BJDC attendees because this LE was prepared in honor of BJDC, the Austine Doll convention.

      We haven't promoted or expained about it because the currenct page was only made to help the BJDC attendees who intended to pay by paypal or credit card during the convention.

      We are sincerely sorry for the confusion but there has been another limited Edition going on called "The Glamour"on our website, we figured we could give you more information about Bloody Alice after that.

      Thank you very much for your time and interest.
      Please leave us any questions here or feel free to contact us if you have any comments.
    2. Here are the pictures of Bloody Alice. Enjoy~~!!!:aheartbea






      Included items.

    3. Hi, this is peakswoods.
      The page of Bloody Alice will say it is sold out but it's not.
      As we noticed, Bloody Alice will be available for general public Sept 1-10.
      And from now on we will update the answers that we recieve the most or you might wonder and curious using this thread.
      Thank you very much~~~~~!!!
    4. Everything she's wearing is included in the set but stockings.
      And you have an option for the apron.
      If the blood is too spooky to you, choose "no blood mark".
      Thank you very much~~~!!
    5. Hi, this is peakswoods.
      We will take orders from BJDC attendees for about a week.
      The same 10% discount will be privided as our partner, the CEO of DollHeart said at the hall.
      The condition is that we'd like a copy of the ticket or something that can prove you were there.
      We'd like it to be sent to us by email or use the boards of our website.
      Thank you very much and please let us know if you have questions.
    6. Dear,

      Hi, this is peakswoods.
      The order for the general public will start from 00:00a.m. in korean time.
      And it is possible to be closed earlier than it says on the notice.
      Thank you very much~~~!!!
    7. Do you mean 00:00am Korean time tomorrow, or on September 1st?
    8. :oIt is September 1st. Sorry for the vagueness. :)
    9. Will you be selling the white rabbit toy as an accessory?
    10. Hi, thank you for the question.
      I personally adore it as well but sadly that cute little rabbit is not for sale. ::doh
      We are sorry but thank you very much again for the interesting quesion. :)
    11. Hi, this is peakswoods.
      Since there are many questions and requests about the bust part, we'd like to let you know this.
      The model of this LE is Yeru the Soul which is the wake up version of Yeru.
      She has large bust in normal skin. And it is kind of difficult to change her body bust part now.
      Because we prepared the dolls already for this and the outfits are being produced according to the measurement of a large bust part.
      Thank you very much for reading.

      Have a good day~~~!!!
    12. Dear,

      Hi, this is peakswoods.
      Yes, the order-taking starts at midnight tonight. At 00:00 in korean time.
      We hope you can have a lot of fun tonight.
      Thank you very much~~~!!!
    13. Dear,

      Hi, this is peakswoods.
      We do layaways for all of our dolls.
      And we do the same for this Bloody Alice. :)
      Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and need to know the details.
      Thank you very much.
    14. I'm sorry but Bloody Alice is not up on your webpage only alice for bjdc attendees ?
    15. aeryn
      Bloody Alice was create for BJDC. She's now avaliable to general customers from September 1st~September 10th as LE40. (which I guess by now, should be almost gone)
      Alice is up on Peakwood website front page. If you still cannot see her just look under FoC Limited.