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Blossom Doll Discussion

Feb 12, 2012

    1. Let's discuss.
    2. Thanks for making a discussion thread.
      I am very interested in Molly. I don't like buying only heads, so I would need the company to either tell me what body is a perfect match or if they would sell one to me.
      I hope we can get some more information soon about it.
    3. Molly and Iris are pretty deluxe. I am not super familiar with Dollzone's aesthetic, but I don't see a resemblance.
    4. How much all of the heads resemble Doll Chateau's dolls (eye shape, lip shape, ear shape on one that looks almost exactly like Cyril's) almost disturbs me... I really don't know what to think about it.
    5. I agree, I don't either. I am not a huge fan of Dollzone's style, and this looks very different to me. I am really wanting to buy Molly.
    6. Actually, when I first saw Hyacinth I thought it was Dollzone's Wilka mold. They look similar, but they're not the same.
    7. I can certainly see the similarities between Dollzone and Doll Chateau, especially in the guy, and Hyacinth made me think of Dollzone's Rapheal, but that's about it. I just see similarities. I really like Molly and her whole get up. The first time I've thought about buying a doll and keeping her as is and possibly adding a riding crop.:sweat
    8. I get the feeling of both dollzone and spiritdoll

      Man i would LOVE to have Iriss' wig xD
    9. How funny, Cloudedmind! I really want to buy her fullset, too. She is exactly like a character of mine. Even the hairstyle and outfit. It was kinda uncanny when I saw Molly for the first time! I would only need to make minor adjustments to her, like adding to her faceup and adding leather pants. But that is so easy to do!
      I emailed them today and I asked about if they will be selling the fullset, how much, and what to do about the body. I hope they get back to me soon.
    10. The girl bodies are definitely the Dollzone 62cm female bodies. Seeing as this company are offering these dolls as "fullsets" if you email them it makes me suspicious. It could be legit - as in they are actually buying Dollzone bodies to use with their own heads but the fact that there are no actual company details on the website and they are a new company that no-one has heard of sets of alarm bells with me. I could be just being paranoid - seeing as the last thing I just saw was some Chinese company selling recast rip offs of Volks/Luts dolls on Etsy...

      I love the Molly head but I can see Dollzone-like (or Doll Chateau which is a Dollzone sister company) lips, chins and noses on these heads, although the ears on these heads are very nice - better than Dollzone ears. Could be totally legit or could be modded Dollzone heads. I hope they are legit. Has anyone contacted them or bought one of these heads?
    11. I also thought about adding some leather pants or fishnet stockings.

      The fullset could just refer to the outfit and wigs, and not to whatever body they're using. We won't know for sure until they reply back to someone.
    12. I hope they rev up their website very soon then, because I don't just want to send money to some random place in China. I don't think they are recasts or modded recasts, but just artists with similar tastes. To my eye, they look a lot different, but I can see how you see the DC/DZ similarity. I am also curious if anyone has already ordered a head. I need more info from them before I take the plunge.
    13. I agree, that wig is killer-cool:cool: I really like Iris, I think I can see having her. I really like the mod-gothish look of Molly's and Iris's outfits; I wish I could be creative (and sew!) like that.
      I really hope this is a sister company to Dollzone (like Doll Chateau), or that they're related somehow (and that there not a pirated company) I can see some slight resemblance to Dollzone and Doll Chateau...
    14. Also consider please that can be some sculptor that worked with Chateau Doll or Doll Zone and now is just working on his/her own..why thinks immediately if this company is legit or not?
      For full set maybe they mean just face up and wigs and some clothes,these company are all based in Asia so english isn't their mother language, what we undestands when we're reading full set may be not what company means..
    15. I can definitely see the resemblance to doll chateau and dollzone. They probably are sculptors who branched off. I have to say the ears on these dolls are a lot more delicate looking than those on DZ or DC dolls.

      As for the wig I've seen one just like it on flickr so I'm not sure if it is a modified wig or factory made. It's beautiful tho.
    16. These dolls are much into the Russian fairy tale vibe to me,which is very new..basicly these dolls reminds me the style of Enchanted Dolls by Marina.
    17. I personally see nothing wrong on on legit in this company, i agree with Invie and $abbatha, maybe for full-set they ment face-up, wig and costume...
      BTW i would love to have Molly, and i also see some Russian vibe in the costume...
    18. Personally I think DC and DZ have great quality dolls so if they were produced by the same company I think it's great. The DC website was also very weird when they first started out so perhaps they are indeed under the same umbrella.
    19. DZ indeed have great quality doll, but to point again about Blossom Doll simply if there were soemthing non-legit the company didn't waste time in build a web site, they can gain much more attention on some tao-bao shops or something like that on istance... ;)
    20. Is taobao shop easily accessible by overseas customers? Right now I can't access their website at all and I also have very little familiarity with Taobao. If they are indeed sister companies with DZ and DC it makes more sense to make this website for international attn. Most companies I've seen posting here try to have their own website or distributor first because they want overseas audience.

      I think they are legit. The quality of their images are very high. But I think maybe they jumped the gun since the website isn't ready yet. At the same time DC did the same thing a few months back.