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Blue Blood Doll-New BJD made in USA

Jun 17, 2008

    1. Hi everyone,:fangirl:

      I would like to introduce my new BJD company: The Blue Blood Doll. Currently I only make BJD's head that fits on most of the popular brands and I will introduce more different styles of BJD's head in the future. So if you are interested, please visit my website at:

      My products are listed on ebay:


      Model Name: Silver

      Date of Creation: Feb 2008

      Gender: Silver is an unisex doll head which can be used either on a boy or girl's body.

      Head Circumference: 22.5 cm (around 9 inch)

      Skin Tone: Off White

      Adptable Body: Fits well to the following brands of Ball Joint Doll with a 60-62cm body: Luts Delf, Dolkot, Dimdoll, Souldoll, dollzone...

      Eyes: 16-18mm

      Material: Polyurethane Resin (PU)

      Price: USD$100+shipping cost (non make-up)
      USD$130+shipping cost (with make-up)

      Thanks for your visit! :aheartbea
    2. He's so handsome!

      When you say that the head "fits well", that meand skin tone, too, right?
    3. I don't think so^^; DiM, Delf and Souldoll has really different skintones^^;

      that said, can you please specify the skintone it'll match, bluebloodmedusa?

      Thank you^^

      Oops sorry, she specified the skintone as Off-White, so I cant comment on the company WS^^;

      Would you make any in NS in the future? Thanks^^

      And If I order with faceup, will I be able to order the faceup like in Gallery 5? Thank you^^
    4. How does the headcap attach? I don't see magnets or a hook... Am I missing something? Maybe I should go back to sleep :)
    5. Will they be only availlable for a set time period or will they be casted again?
    6. What Body do you have those heads on now? The match looks really good, and might help with Resin comparison if we know what company the Body is. Maybe I just don't see enough of it to figure it out... I'm not anywhere close to being any sort of expert on what body looks like what. I -love- the head you've got here. Silver has that asian asthetic, but with a very different feel to it.

      Will you consider light tanskins or NS tones in the future? What about Commissions?
    7. Thanks for your compliment! The color of the head is off white and it match dolls with a 60 cm body in off white color.

      We do plan to make NS in the future but for the moment we would like to test the demand of the market for the off white skin tone because the off white color is much more easy to match than NS.

      If you would like to order with faceup like the one in Gallery 5, we will be glad to do that for you.

      I will provide more pics of the headcap later so you can see how it works.

      The models in the pictures were using a LUTS DELF body with off white color.

      I don't quite understand your last question about commissions?

      They will be casted again depend on the demand but even so we cannot make large quantity of doll heads because we are a small company and all the works are done by hands, each doll head is individually made. It also takes time for us to complete every order.