Blue Fairies of Bluefairy - Bluefairy SD sized dolls Discussion

May 24, 2011

    1. Well, since we're all a twitter in the MSD thread I figure I would start this thread so we can continue the chat here in a more on topic place.

      The sculpt is growing on me more, I just really do not like the faceups they currently have. Really curious about the body, the elbows look single jointed which pleases me greatly because I love single joints.

      The wait over night for more pics and info is going to be killer.

      This may change all of my doll plans.
    2. My plans have changed too.
      I planned to keep BC Carla head but now, I think I won't anymore. LOL
    3. My plans changed, too! XD

      I almost ordered a few days ago a doll from another company but I think it was good that I started to hesitate because of the doll's wide nose... So, I didn't order him after all... thank you Bluefairy, I am so looking forward for more of this new line's dollies <3
    4. Doll plan changed here too! Diana grows on me so fast once I realized she is a Big May.......(the word "May" affects a lot LOL) Sad that I have just bought a YOSD and now I have no more fund for dollies! Gotta save up quick to add her into my collection.
    5. Lol, hanapui. Thinking of her a big May whose faceup can be removed certainly makes me like her more. And I love that straight banged gold wig the one is wearing.

      Strangely enough, I've always wanted to make an SD version of my May boy, but now with a big May, I think I'd still go with my choice to use Volks Rinon to make him. I am sort of really wanting one to be a huge, completely AU girl version of Natsume.
    6. Kim I think Rinon is an excellent choice to be a grown up May. I like Diana, but I agree that she doesn't look like an SD. I can't wait to see the body though, and when they release more sculpts, I'm certain that one will call to me. Particularly a big Olive.
    7. I am actually not ready to have a bigger size yet, but now, after reading more blogs, she is now on the top of my to Buy list...

      She looks exactly like TF May in some angles here.

      Seems that Xiao and Minoru have joined an annual big scale BF doll meeting in Japan and showed off these two beauties there. Argh how much I want to be in Japan so that I can be so lucky looking at these girls so closely now!
    8. It is so funny, I keep seeing more chubby cheeks on the Diana without bangs, I like the one with bangs but the one without is just too chubby... and I know they are the same sculpt. XD
    9. Thank you for starting the new thread :thumbup

      I know they are not for me at this size, but I am still interested in all that Blue Fairy do.
      And I am delighted to see that single joints are still produced on new dolls :)

      For me they too alike to Musedoll...very pretty, very very pretty in fact...I just wish they had designed a totally new sculpt for the head, as I can't get past this being a GIANT May *_*
    10. If they're proper 9 to 9/10" inch heads, they should fit right in with my current SD collection. I own a Kun and a 4 Sisters, so nothing else is going to look more gigantic headed or chubby cheeked than they are. Now, if they're more peanut headed, they're more iffy. That and I am not fond of peanut heads in general.

      I do like that it looks like they have some nice breasts on them.
    11. It is interesting that these are named "Diana". Since in all of the other sizes they were named "May" so perhaps they started sculpting this head with a non May in mind? I mean, she is May like but also sufficiently non May like in some quality. I do see what you're saying though but May is just SO popular it is insane.

      Now I am guessing the next one that will come out with be Olive like. XD
    12. I will die in that case!
      I'm Olive addicted!! LOL
    13. I keep trying to tell myself that I don't want to get into SDs... I have one, my favorite that I've found, and I wanted to stop there. This doll is way too immature to fit with her, and I think any BF doll would be (she looks like an adult, probably like 24?). So... I'm def trying to talk myself out of this, lol!

      BUT I will still be planning to collecting TFs right and left, lol.
    14. SDs really aren't my size of doll, but that doesn't make me any less excited to oogle the eyecandy that BF will surely come out with!
    15. :lol:

      The things you over hear in the doll world...

      I've never been a big May fan so I'm safe with this girl. I'm just in trouble if they do a grown up Xiao .....

      I'm excited to see what heads they make just for this size though!
    16. Well, they have her painted to look baby faced and have eyes that are really too big for her in her, which is making the effect worse. I totally think with a different face up with different eyes and in modern clothing she'd be serving more mature bitch face. (which is why she is growing on me more and more lol)

      Bigger BF's is dangerous for me because as much as I like looking at the TF's, I don't actually like owning MSDs all that much. I really do sell every single one I try soon after getting them. Natsume has remained by virtue of me loving him so much size doesn't matter.

      Oh doll breasts and the discussions you make. I am a firm believer that more is more when it comes to breast size on dolls, so I am glad they have some cleavage. I am imagining they're going to be the SD equivalent of the blossom body.
    17. This doll would not work with my present SD collection.....and my SD's are all of the larger head variety
      There is something very young looking about Diana/May :roll:

      But I agree with skyealloway that it is great fun to look at what BF are creating

      Me too!!!! :D
    18. Oh, wow, these dolls are throwing a wrench in my dolly plans! I would love an SD version of May! Cannot wait to see more pictures and the price :D
    19. My doll plans maybe change too!! I love Jasmine but cut her from my plans because she's MSD size.
      I think she can't match with my BJD style (I like SD size more than MSD size)
      If Jasmine release in SD size I may add Jasmine back to plans T _______ T

      So confused, I will keep eyes on next "Blue Fairy" head mold.
    20. Thank you so much for starting this thread! I hadn't heard about the upcoming 60cm Blue Fairy dolls, but I like what I am seeing.

      Same sentiments here. I mainly have 60cm dolls in my collection, but the larger BF dolls look amazing! I hope that they release them soon. Also, where exactly on the Blue Fairy site can everyone see these dolls?