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Blue Fairy at Luts!

Mar 28, 2007

    1. It was mentioned in Luts New Items, but I think it's alright. :D

      Also: The dolls are actually cheaper on the Luts website for one reason or another. The Tiny Fairies dropped two dollars in price, and apparently they have Jerome in stock, which is confusing since he's supposed to be discontinued!
    2. Woah o__o

      Does that mean you can get a Luts faceup on them?
    3. The dolls are $2 cheaper but on average, Luts shipping is twice that of Bluefairy's.

      And no, you cannot get a Luts faceup for them. The Luts entries say faceups as pictures and you cannot buy the dolls blank, only as basic or special sets. This is exactly how Bluefairy's dolls are sold through Minoruworld.
    4. but shipping is cheaper to asia^^
      comparison shipping in asia (im in malaysia^^)
      luts: 1 pocket fairy (USD 17.98 ) 1 tiny fairy (USD 27.34)
      Bluefairy: 1 pf (USD 27) 1 tiny fairy(usd 42)
      minoru world: 1 pf (USD 24) 1tf (usd usd 24 + added charges)

      this is minoru shipping info.
      hope this is relevant, comparison of shipping between companies, not comparison of dolls^^.
    5. Yay Luts
      AND they accept PayPal , BlueFairy dont ..great news
      (I would have missed this in the Luts thread as Im not suscribed )
    6. One thing to note is the incredibly long preparation time with Luts for BlueFairy dolls o_O;

      Blue Fairy currently takes about 15 business days, MinoruWorld seems to ship in stock dolls nearly immediately, but Luts has listed 30-40 days!

      For shipping to the US, Minoruworld is definitely the cheapest for a single TF, but if you order several dolls BF is cheapest.

      BTW Tinybear Minoruworld currently takes PayPal as well according to their FAQ. :)
    7. Blue Fairy DO accept Paypal. ;)
      I bought my TF this way. But she took more than one month to ship.