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Blue Fairy Date for International Website!

Sep 13, 2005

    1. Dear Overseas Customers,

      Hello and Welcome to BlueFairy International.

      We are delighted to inform you that we plan to open our new website on September 26, 2005 at 5 p.m. Korean Time (GMT 9:00).

      On the opening date, we will provide information on ordering and payment method.

      Sales of BlueFairy dolls will begin on September 29th at 5pm Korean time.

      (and so on and so on)

    2. Ahh, that's such good news!! :grin:
    3. great news for eveyone who has been waiting for one of these beautiful dolls
      I have 3 and absolutly adore them
    4. someone knows why they have put the korean pages up? should it be they are making some try?
      :D yippieeee
    5. Hot diggity!
    6. good luck to everyone seeking a pocket fairy, I hope this puts a stop to pocket fairy scalpers here and on ebay etc!!
    7. ...it seems to be letting me make an order now...

      I have done everything but send it...

      does anyone have any advice?
    8. I hope they restock soon for everyone that's been waiting. :grin: I ordered my Jerome through Doya last month, but I'm excited to see them reopen nevertheless.
    9. Yeah, exactly!

      Been waiting since the beginning of January for this...feels like it's been years! ;oD

      Loki's Mom
    10. That's great! Juu gotta know it!!!
    11. I would say they put the site up for people to take a look around. So the site shows active for a few days and garner interest (like there isn't enough!)

      Personally, I would wait until the official opening before trying to place an order. Don't want your information going off into oblivion in case the links aren't established, and just there for ease. :daisy
    12. I'm so touched you remembered me. ^__________^
      But Emilie's sold out. Don't know if they mean it to be all restocked on september 26th or something...
      She's so pretty! :love
    13. Nothing would probably come of it until the opening date to take orders. Everything is listed as sold-out anyway.
    14. :o ORO?? News to me!!

      :oops: Never heard of them, but based on the interest here I will have to keep a watch out for their reopening.
    15. Woohoo!!

      I marked my calendar.
    16. me maybe dumb but does the dolls really cost 295,000.00?
      or they cost 295.00?
      me really really confuse :cry:
    17. It's 295,000.00 Korean Won. So roughly 295.00 US. :grin:
    18. frzndaqir thaank uuuuuu :chibi

      me almost had a heart attack :oops: