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Update Blue Fairy Discontinuance

Oct 25, 2008

    1. From the BlueFairy Site:

      Discontinuance of some Tiny Fairies

      Dear Bluefairy customers,

      Hello and welcome to Bluefairy.

      Some of our Tiny fairy dolls will be discontinued from November 11th 2008.
      Below is the list of discontinuing dolls:

      :: TF Special/ Basic Emilie ::
      :: TF Special/Basic Tommy ::
      :: TF Special/Basic Niky ::
      :: TF Special/Basic Xiao ::

      * TF Option parts - Xiao Make-up Head (Boy/Girl)

      ¡Ø TF Xiao Renewal version will be available soon.
      ¡Ø TF Emilie, Tommy, Niky will be available only as option parts and not in Special and Basic version.

      We will receive last order of the mentioned items (special and basic) till November 10th 17PM (Korean time).

      Thank you very much for the interest and love you showed to our TF Emilie, Tommy, Niky and Xiao. We hope to introduce you with new dolls in the future.



      (I hope I used the right prefix...)
    2. Oh god I am so saddened by this news. Both Xiao and Niky were in my future purchases list. I realized that Niky will be available through optional parts. But I don't understand what they mean about "renewal version" for Xiao. Can anyone clear that up? Are they just doing a revamp on her?

      Baw and Tommy too. So sad. I was so looking forward to buying them whole.
    3. Yeah, a "revamp," although I thought they did a renewal for that mold somtime ago:?
      Yeah, I'm not too sad, those molds will still be available thru option parts:) I can't wait to see new dolls though, I hope they do SD size.
    4. I believe they've stated that Xiao will only be getting a new faceup/wig/eyes, not any changes to her sculpt, and all of the other discontinued dolls will still be available as option parts. :)