Preorder [Blue fairy] Monthly doll & baked skin pre-order of October 2020.

Oct 5, 2020

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      Dear BJD lovers,

      Please be informed of the monthly order as follow.
      This is the October Monthly Pre-Order period and the sales doll guide.
      You can order the monthly type from 5 pm on the first Monday to 5 pm on Friday.

      Monthly Pre-Order Period in October

      2020. 10. 05 PM05:00 to 2020. 10. 09 PM05:00

      October Monthly Pre-Oreder Doll

      * 1, 4, 7, 10

      TF: Sarang, Jasmine, Patrick, Louis

      SF: Hana, Andy, Minoru, Leila

      PF: Choco, Jimmy, Roa

      BF: Alice

      MF: Minimay (open mouse)
      + Option parts

      * Monthly special - PF Basic type Baked Skin

      * Special type will be changed to random every month.

      * Blue Fairy Friends

      Zephyros - Alfie
      Celestin - Nina

      Thank you.

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