Preorder [Blue fairy] Monthly pre-order doll type in June. 2020.

Jun 1, 2020

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      Dear BJD lovers,

      Please be informed of the monthly order as follow.
      Order Period: June. 1st. 2020 PM05:00 ~ June. 5th. 2020 PM05:00 in Korean time (5 days)

      Please make sure to finish the payment by . June. 5th. 2020 as any orders of payment overdue will be cancelled without notice.

      *Available types

      * 3, 6, 9, 12

      TF : Olive, Joshua, Helen, Grey

      SF : Connie, Benjamin, Paul, Mirae

      PF : Noma, Remmy, Fei

      BF : BF Olive

      MF : Annie
      + Option parts

      * Monthly special - Jerome

      * Blue fairy Friends

      Zephyros - Alphie

      There was a plan to raise the price from January.
      There are some products that have not yet been applied.
      It is sold at the stated price before it is applied.

      Thank you and have a lovely day!

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