Preorder [Blue fairy] Monthly pre-order in Aug. 2019

Aug 3, 2019

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      Dear BJD lovers,

      Thank you for visiting Bluefairy.

      Announced Monthly pre-order doll type in Aug. 2019.

      * Pre-order Period
      pm5.5th Aug.2019 ~ pm5.9th Aug.2019

      * Head type (normal, beauty white, snow white skin)
      TF - Olive, Louis, Denis
      SF - Paul, Andy, Connie, Sam
      PF - Jimmy, Remmy, Didi
      MF - All types
      Unique - Anna, Nano fairy, Nano friends Roro.

      And Option Parts
      BF Neo girl body (NEW)

      * Monthly Special - BF Diana & BF Alice

      * Blue fairy Friends

      Zephyros - Alphie / Of D - Garnet / Dear belle - Noel

      *shipping schedule
      -No make-up doll and parts : After 40 business days after deposit confirmation.
      -Make-up doll : After 80 business days after deposit confirmation.

      Thank you very much for your patience and interest in May's Pre-order.

      I'll always be here for you

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