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Blue Fairy PF Yoko discontinued

Jul 18, 2007

    1. I just read this in news:

      Special and Basic version of PF Yoko is discontinued from 25th of July.

      They will accept a last order of the doll until July 25th at 17:00 Korean time (GMT +09:00).
      Customers who are wish to purchase, please place an order by that time.

      PF Option parts sales begin from the middle of September, PF Yoko head parts are available in this category.

    2. :...( No this can't be. So only her head will be available? Yoko was always my favourite.
    3. My sentiments too. I wanted to eventually get a Yoko.
    4. It sounds like BlueFairy plans to do something similar with PFs as they now do with TFs where you can order blank heads and bodies, and Yoko will be available that way.

      I'm still really surprised though, as Yoko has always seemed so popular but then so was Jerome and he was also discontinued. I really adore Yoko which is why when I saw the news I had to make sure people here on DoA knew.
    5. so glad i have my yoko already <3
    6. I was so surprised to see this! D:

      Maybe they're gonna re-vamp her? Or...or...um...Maybe they're getting rid of the popular dollies?

      How unfortunate. Sorry all you people who wanted Yoko! D:
    7. That's too bad. Yoko is the one I like best. I don't think I can afford her right now.
    8. Oh I love Yoko!:aheartbea I'm sorry to see her being retired :( , but happy to have her as part of my "BJD chorus line". Knowing Blue Fairy, they'll introduce an adorable new character to tempt us all out of our savings soon though. ;)

      Juli DC 8) ('cause Harry rules!)
    9. I'm not sure why there's so much excitement? You'll still be able to get the head, and there're plenty of faceup artists available that can probably do something similar to the original if you wish. @____@ I think it's great they'll be offering optional heads!
    10. Cuddles her tiny Yokos (yeah I know greedy ...I have 2 )

      she was the first tiny I ever saw ...and bought

      I adore Yoko , she has always been my favorite
      and I love the old 1 versions face-ups

      but IM OVERJOYED at the prospect of PocketFairy in Parts

      I have ALWAYS wanted to make up my own ...I want another little boy
      and hopefully more affordable
    11. Hmm I do not understand why BF doesn't keep Yoko as a fullset. For myself,I wouldn't buy only the head,maybe if they can add a face up,I will. I do not understand either why Momo is discontinued. It was the cutest girl ever!! :D
    12. I'm starting this habbit to collect the heads first.:lol:
      So one part of me is happy that her head will be available, but I liked her as a fullset too much. She is so cute with that wig and her little dress.:D
      hmm what to do...
    13. Luts seem to have her on their site and dont mention she is being discontinued with a deadline. I am ordering my Yoko on wednesday when I get paid. She has been on my wishlist for ever but I have left her till last (ish) getting the larger more expensive ones first. I must admit I panicked when I read the message on the bluefairy site but luckily I have enough by Wednesday to bring her home
    14. Is there any pages that sell Yoko, who except paypal as a payment method?
    15. I bought my Yoko from MinoruWorld a few months ago, and they were really great. They do take Paypal, and they ship really fast - I had my Yoko in less than a week!

    16. I'm ordered my Yoko today, I have to have her when I heard that they are going to stop selling her. I love Yoko!
    17. so glad I got mine as she was my first PF.. now of course I have way too many but they are still so cute!
    18. BF's optional part TF sized heads are sold both blank and painted, so I am guessing the PF heads will be available either blank or painted as well (and perhaps with the boy/girl style faceup like TF option heads)?
    19. Oh, this is so sad. I've been trying to decide for months if I want Yoko or Minimay. Guess this pretty much decides it for me.:(