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Blue Fairy Stopping production of some PFs! o_O

Jun 22, 2006

    1. According to the Blue Fairy site:
      Dear Bluefairy customers,

      Hello and welcome to Bluefairy.
      Those items are not available from August
      PF Peter: special and basic
      PF Jack : special and basic
      PF Aroa : special and basic
      PF Momo : special and basic
      PF Doogie:special and basic
      If you want to have it, please be in a hurry to place an order before August.
      For further information, please see another notice which will be released in August.
      Thank you for showing great attention.

      We'll always be here for you - Bluefairy
      So, wow, if looks like Jack, Aroa, Momo and Doogie are having a REALLY short run. o_O I positively adore my Jack, and though I sold Momo, she was a real cutie.

      I like Peter too! *blinks*
    2. (for those who don't know, the URL is http://bluefairyint.com/ .
      just thought I would mention, since I couldn't find it on the forums, and had to ask Brent)
    3. That cuts their Pockett Fairy line in half. Does anybody know if they will be releasing new molds to replace these?