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Blue Fairy to take credit cards soon!

Dec 13, 2005

    1. Hi,

      Just wanted to announce to those people who also love Blue Fairy dolls, like me, that Blue Fairy just posted that they are about to start testing a system to take credit cards.

      The systems isn't up yet, and still needs to be tested, but it sounds like they should have something soon!

      *very excited*

      Blue Fairy's Notice:
      Dear Customers

      Hello and welcome to Bluefairyint.com.

      We will be working on our Credit Card payment system installation in the next few days.

      Our Card system will be on testing stage so please do not place any order using this method until we announce you with further information about it.

      All credit card orders received during the testing period will be discarded and cancelled so please refrain from ordering using this payment method.

      Thank you very much for your patience and kind understanding.

      I'll always be here for you - Bluefairy
    2. Yes! It's about time...
      Guess it's just a matter of time now.
    3. I'm so glad they are getting it set up! I know a few people that are wanting Blue Fairy dolls (heck, even I do) so this makes it much easier! Thanks for the heads-up!
    4. :-o ok this throws a wrench in my plans-but WHOO HOOO! i didn't expect them to have it going so soon!
    5. That's great news, although now I'll have to actually decide between Yoko and Minimay :P
    6. That's good news. I want a Niky (am still saving) but I don't want to have to pay the same amount I did for Xiao. Those bank fees are brutal on my end.

      And I won't even talk about import taxes... :|

      Loki's Mom
    7. Yay! Finally they can accept credit cards!

      That's good...while I wait for them to fix the credit card system, I can save up a bit before purchasing.
    8. That's so awesome! I won't need to line up for hours at the bank to make a transfer. :)
    9. :D Maybe I'll finally get my Olive, after all!
    10. Thanks for the Great news! Have been wanting a Kyle but didn't want to pay the extra $40.00 for the bank wire.

    11. Wow, your bank charges $40 for the wire transfer? I use Chase and they only charge $20 regardless of the amount you are sending.

      Good thing we won't have to worry about that anymore though. I'd like to order some wigs and outfits for my PF :D
    12. I use Chase and they charged me $40 ^^;;

      I'm so pleased about the credit cards, I love Pocket Fairies and think the Tiny Fairies are beautiful.

      I'm glad the new was helpful to people. :)
    13. Happy news!! Someone please post here when the credit card system is up for sure for sure, because I can't tell...

      I have a friend who has been dreaming of a Choco for a year now, but has never had quite enough money. This will be good news for her. ^_____^
    14. I used RoyalBank to order from AngelRegion and it cost about $40 CAD.

      I've changed banks since then, though, so I don't know what the new one charges...

      Anywho, back on topic, OMG YAY! :D I want Emily... Granted, before I get her I need to get Basic Ren Girl, U and Mini-Fey Chiwoo... But then YAY Emily! :D
    15. I use CIBC and they charge $44+US... :( Makes me cry every time I have to send a bank transfer. My Xiao ended up at over $500US... Dun want to pay that for Niky so I'll be very happy to be able to use a credit card.

      Loki's Mom
    16. Credit card system is now up! Wohooo~