Event [Blue fairy] Wig Clearance sale.

Jan 26, 2020

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    1. Are the sale wigs currently in stock, or are they made to order?
    2. Hi Mittzle!
      It looks like when you click the link and go to "full site", most of their wigs are pre-order.
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    3. I just ordered one wig. Shipping to the US is $5 and Canada is $5.40.
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    4. How long is this sale lasting?
    5. Probably until things are sold out— there’s a few wigs sold out already, and the color options on the other wigs keep dwindling.

      If you’re thinking of taking the plunge, do it sooner rather than later. And as a Blue Fairy customer for 13+ years now, I can attest that their wigs are lovely quality. :thumbup
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    6. Edit: found them!

      I cannot find any sizes...
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