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Blue resin yellowing (Bobobie, Resinsoul)?

Jan 6, 2009

    1. I'd like to know how yellowing affects the blue skinned Bobobies/Resinsouls. Does it turn them into a greenish color eventually? Has anyone had one long enough to say?

      Thank you. :candycane
    2. they have only been making the colour about a year ?not much longer
      I have a Blue Moona and a Blue BonBon
      tiny Moona is the oldest of my blue girls , she was one of the first blue resin batches that came out from Bobobie ...she is always out and on display ..in fact she is never far from me
      admitedly NEVER in the full sun ...
      and she is still the same colour as the day I had her , even her finger tips ..and the tinys have very delicate and tiny hands .
      I also have pink and green ..they are all true to colour too
      hope this is a little help
    3. I've had a blue bobobie March for almost a year and she's still the same color. I don't put her out in the full sun all day, but I'm not overly careful about it, either. My friend has an MSD bobobie that is also blue and she's never had any problems either.
    4. I have a Tinybear Moona, my Myfanwy, she is a year old, blue, always out as well, and no change what so ever. She's the one on the right in my avatar.
    5. I just got a blue resinsoul Lan, and this is my first asian bjd ever, so hearing about this concerns me. (Naturally.) If there is any other news, I will try to be on top of it.
    6. resinsoul and bobobie are one of the same ..so you should have no problems with her either
      by the looks of things ..were all pretty happy with our blue resin girls :)..and boys ..I have a blue resin Bracken too over a year old and he is fine
    7. I'm sure they'll yellow eventually, like all dolls, but if nothing problematic has popped up so far then it's probably not something to worry that strongly about. The only coloured dolls that have had major yellowing issues (Bambicrony misty elves) were made of french resin which is known for its fast yellowing, and the Bobobies use normal urethane resin as far as I'm aware- it's much more stable in terms of yellowing.
    8. Bobobie and ResinSoul are partners. Bobobie Dolls' resin is stated to be made with a five year yellowing resistant additive. I've had a normal skin boy since 2007. His color has not changed much at all. in other words he does not have any sort of t-shirt tanline. : P

      "Yellowing" is not banana yellow anyway, from what I understand. It is more like a light yellow to the surface. It would probably simply turn the doll's exposed parts a light aqua or something. : )

      I have a blue March since summer last year, and I have not noticed any difference in coloration at all.

    9. My blue Sprite, who I got from junkyspot in June (not sure how long they had her in stock) has changed colour very, very slightly. It isn't noticeable unless you take her headcap off and compare the inside to the rest of her. The colour change is even all over, so you can't tell she's changed unless you know that she started out a little less aqua than she is now. Honestly, it isn't enough of a colour change to really worry about.
    10. My blue Weylin is from the first batch of colored dolls that Bobobie made. He has yellowed but it isn't a drastic change. It's only noticeable if I look at the unexposed part of his torso, headcap, etc.
    11. I've had the same as Aunesty. I have a blue Mei, and once I undressed her the other day I noticed color change. It's not that bad but maybe that's just because it doesn't bother me that much. It;s definately not "yellow yellow" but there is a color change, which is impossible for me to capture with my camera.
    12. All resin will change somewhat over time no matter what, but Bobobie's resin doesn't seem to be particularly reactive. I have a NS, blue, dark tan and BW and the only one that has any noticeable change is the BW, but I've had her for a year and am her third owner. Even then, the yellowing is faint changing her from a stark paper white to a mellower off white. So far all the others look good, though I'm sure my NS could use a good bath, lol. I think as long as you use the same precautions as you would with any doll (don't display them in a sunny spot, don't expose them to extreme heat, keep them away from cigarette smoke), then you should be just fine.
    13. This is so good to know! The Resinsoul and Bobobie blues are so vibrant and enchanting, I'm thinking of getting a Resinsoul Mu and turning him into a frost giant