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Bluefairy boys - Different bodies?

Jan 29, 2007

    1. Hi! I had noticed a while back when they came out with Niky that Niky's body was more stout that Jerome. (I had seen and saved some Jerome photographs from someone who owned him.) Did Bluefairy come out with a different boy body design?
    2. I know that when Bluefairy changed their resin, they also changed the bodies some, such as different knee joints at least on the girls. I haven't seen one of the older boy bodies in person myself. :sweat
    3. I really like the older, thinner body better. Does anyone know how I could get a hold of one?
    4. When did they change their resin? I got to see another Kyle last month, and there was a big difference between his color (flesh color - sort of a CP Delf normal color) and my Kyle's (very pale and pink).

      I bought mine probably about early September, but he arrived in the first half of October 2006.

      Here's a group comparison pic (with a MNF and Soulkid girl). Is this an older body or newer?
    5. All Kyles are new resin color. He and Olive were not released until they made the switch. There are variations in the shade of "pink" since the new doll became available though , some of the early ones look almost sun burnt ^^;
    6. Bluefairy changed their resin color in August of 2005(-ish, it may have been a month or two before), when they released the new basic versions. (If you look in their gallery, you can see their older basic versions which were with the older, yellower skin tone.)

      Tête-Saoule - The only way to get the older bodies would be through the second hand market. Although, honestly, I would call the current Bluefairy bodies anything but stout. :sweat
    7. cloverfirefly - I agree - My Kyle (pictured above) is not stout at all - in fact, weight-wise as well, he is MUCH lighter than my MNF (and Soulkid MSDs are the heaviest of the three, BTW). It's surprising at first when you pick up a BF.
    8. Lol, I meant as compaired to the older body. The body limbs are thicker than the older bodies, right?

      If anyone is wanting to sell their older body BF Jerome, let me know?
    9. It must have seemed thicker because the limbs are shorter in the newer version.

      If you don't mind, I linked to your comparison thread in a BJD-opedia thread ^__^