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Bluefairy Christmas 2005 Limited Edition Pocket Fairy

Nov 11, 2005

    1. sorry if this is in the wrong section or already been posted ^^;

    2. I can't wait to see the pics!!!

    3. Oh my. This is not good. ^^;; *goes off to count sad little pile of pennies*

      Thanks for letting us know!
    4. What is the time of that premiere on the east coast?
    5. Ooooh, shiny. But I don't want another Pocket Fairy. Still, want to see pics!
    6. I have to resist, I have to resist....
      I hope they are horrible!

      ... well, maybe not.
      but I have to save for unoa >___<
    7. hehehe good luck on that anne

      hmmm when they say 24hrz do they mean 24hours after 14th of nov or at a later date?
    8. i think it should be a later date, because they say "further information and images...". I suppose that means that they will let you know when they will be taking orders on the 14th. The 14th is probably just for teasers. :grin:
    9. cannot wait to see the pictures :D

      i hope they'r as cute as yoko :D
    10. i'm so excited!! :chibi can't wait for more pictures!
    11. lovely
      but Im scilently relieved LOL ...I have Peter so wont be tempted LOL

      oh Damn !!!! Elf Ears
    12. I am also relieved because I love love love my yoko and I don't feel tempted either.
    13. NO WAY ELF EARS>>>>> *Runs and hides for fear of buying O.O*
    14. Oh what an adorable pair! But O just got back from Gene Con 10 in Stamford, and have nary a penny to my name now....so I guess I'll just have to make holiday outfits myself for my own Yoko & Choco. Oh poor me! :lol: :lol: :lol: Can't wait to hear if any fellow DOA members are able to get Betty & Charlie though, and see pix of course! HO-HO-HO!

      Hugs, Juli DC :daisy
    15. OMG they're so cute!! I wish I could afford them!! :(
    16. I have to admit they're cute lil' buggers with their elf ears. ^_^
    17. crossing my fingers... >.< I hope to have betty ;___;
    18. I'm sad that they are already sold out, but hey couldn't have afforded them anyways. *sigh* They have elf ears and are so terribly adorable though. I hope the price doesn't get marked up too high by people re-selling them. I have oto admit that I'm more interested in Charlie than Betty.
    19. I don't know how but I missed the update on these. I waited for the pictures to be added to the site but never saw them! I figured they were delayed. Does anyone have a picture of the them close enough to see the ears?