Preorder Bluefairy discontinuing some sculpts (March 5th-March 9th)

Mar 6, 2018

    1. It seems that bluefairy is discontinuing many of its sculpts while changing their pre-order cycle. they seem to have renewal plans for a few of their SD sized Blue Fairy line, but as of right now it is unclear what the plans are for the rest of the sculpts listed as "last order".

      there may be a limited time to get any of them if you were planning on doing so due to their pre-order system, so it's best to check it out.

      Bluefairy International-I will always be here for you

      "As you might be aware, the March pre-order period is from Mar 5th to Mar 9th.
      We apologize for the short notice and appreciate your kind understanding. "

      i don't think bluefairy is going to post this notice on here, so i thought i would.
      if it doesn't belong the mods can move or delete it.

      ((i do not represent bluefairy, i'm just a big fan of theirs.))
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