Preorder [Bluefairy] Information of February monthly order.

Jan 28, 2021

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      블루페어리 BLUE FAIRY, I will always be here for you
      Bluefairy Japan - I'll always be here for you

      Hello, we're Blue Fairy.

      This is the monthly pre-Order period in February and the doll sales guide.

      You can order the monthly type from 5 pm on the first Monday to 5 pm on Friday.

      Monthly Pre-Order Period in February

      February 1st 2021 PM05:00 ~ February 5th. 2021 PM05:00 (Korean time)

      Monthly Pre-Oreder Doll

      * 2, 5, 8, 11

      TF: May, Robin, Heemang

      SF: SF May, Sam, Jaden, Garnet

      PF: Minimay, Yoko, Chalie

      BF: BF May,

      MF: Minimay (Close mouse) + Option parts

      * Monthly special - PF May vallentine

      * Blue fairy Friends

      Zephyros - Alphie, Graham

      Celestyn - Nina

      Please give us a lot of attention and support.

      Thank you. ​
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    2. On your website, I do not see any option to order bodies for a doll. I only see the head options. Will bodies also be available in February for the dolls, or only heads?