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Bluefairy - LE "Dear Deer" Mail Order Only

Dec 22, 2009

    1. New Limited Edition "dear deer,"


      Dear customers,

      Thanks for visiting Bluefairy.
      New limited edition of Bluefairy "dear deer," has been released today.

      For limited edition, "dear deer," will be sold only through mail order.
      And we have applied new selection system for our limited edition.
      More information and sales schedule can be viewed at the link below.

      Infomation for "dear deer," - click here -

      If you have any question regards our
      limited edition, please feel free to ask us through Q&A menu.

      Thank you very much for your patience and interest in our dolls
      and we hope our new Tiny Fairy will be loved by our dear customers.

      I'll always be here for you
    2. I went and read the details on this, and it looks like the sets only cost $70 plus shipping. Is that true? For the whole set? Or is it just a $70 deposit? I left this same question at the Bluefairy site in the Q&A section, just waiting on an answer ^_^
    3. If you look under the doll's pictures, each says Pre Order Price : 570 USD
      (Shipping fee is Not included), so $570 is the price per full-set doll. If you wish to change the doll and/or body choice, there is also a $10 additional fee for that.