Preorder [Bluefairy] Monthly pre-order (+baked skin)

Jun 4, 2018

    1. Dear customers,

      Please be informed of the June monthly order as follow:
      Order Period: June 4th, 11:00 - June 8th, 17:00 in Korean time (5 days)

      Please make sure to finish the payment by June 10th as any orders of payment overdue will be cancelled without notice.

      Also, the Baked skin will be possible for June order and the baked skin order is only available for the head&body set order. It is difficult to receive orders for all types of orders at once, and each type is ordered by type for four months by type.


      <Monthly pre-order>

      *Available types:
      TF : Jasmine, Patrick, Robin
      SF : Leila, Minoru, Jaden
      PF : Noma, Roa, Fei, charlie
      MF : All types
      +Option parts

      *Lead Time
      Monthly : no make-up order : from August 6th~ (40 business days)
      make-up order : from September 18th~ (70 business days
      Baked Skin : no make-up order : from August 21st (50 business days)
      make-up order : from October 8th~ (80 business days)


      Also we will have a pre-order event for 'Little Girl Anna, Nano Fairy, Nano Friend Roro' for below period:


      * Little Girl Anna
      - basic set : Head, Body (resin doll, magnet assembly)
      - additional option : Face painting, Bending Legs


      * Nano Fairy
      - basic set : Full assembled Nano Fairy
      - additional option : Painting(2nd ver.), Wing, Wig, Circlet


      * Nano Friend Roro
      - basic set : Full assembled Roro
      - additional option : Painting

      <Lead Time>
      No painting : From July 23th ~
      Painting : From September 4th ~


      Thank you and have a lovely day!
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    2. Please note that Little Girl Anna and Nano Friend Roro are both off topic for Den Of Angels.