Preorder [Bluefairy] Monthly Pre-Order information for March.

Mar 5, 2021

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      블루페어리 BLUE FAIRY, I will always be here for you
      Bluefairy Japan - I'll always be here for you


      We are Blue Fairy.

      Monthly Pre-Order, which was able to place a fixed type of order every month last March, will be discontinued.

      Normal heads sold as Monthly Pre-Order will then be converted to irregular orders.

      If you are interested in the general head type below, we would appreciate it if you could use the last order for regular sales.

      Period: 2021.03.08 PM to 2021.03.12 PM. (Korean time)

      March Pre-Oreder Sales Dolls

      TF : Sarang, Jasmine, Patrick, Louis, May, Robin, Heemang, Olive, Joshua, Ellen, Grey

      SF : Hana, andy, Minoru, Leila, SF May, Sam, Jaden, Garnet, Connie, Benjamin, Paul, Mirae

      PF : Choco, Jimmy, Roa, Minimay, Yoko, Chalie, Noma, Remmy, Fei

      BF : Alice, Miley, BF May, BF Olive

      MF : Minimay (open mouth), Minimay (Close mouth), Annie, Piyo

      + Option parts

      * Blue fairy Friends

      Zephyros - Alphie, Graham

      Celestyn - Nina

      Please show a lot of interest and support.

      Thank you.​
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