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BlueFairy Pocket Fairy Clothes discussion. What fits?

Jan 23, 2005

    1. I love chocho.. and thier size... :D

      I might get choco, or whatever the boys name is.. if I ever get enough money...

      but what clothes fit them.. Kelly? Mini bratz?

      He can go shoeless, I just _Cannot_ sew smaller than 1/6 scale. x____x

      .........Mod Note..........

      This is a discussion for Clothes and Shoes that fit BlueFairy Pocket Fairy.


      Blue Fairy Pocket Fairy Discussion part 1:
    2. It's not really different from sewing in 1/6 scale. They're shorter but fatter around. If you can sew for 1/6 dolls I think you can sew for PF. Try enlarging Kindergarten friends patterns in Licca MFD books.
    3. baby bratz clothes fit the PFs... somebody posted their yoko wearing a baby bratz outfit. and da**n... it was CUTE!!
    4. Okay.... :oops: Just ordered some madame alexander petite playhouse clothes for the PF who will not show up until probably mid-March...

      because they fit PFs. apparently even the SHOES fit.

      they were discontinued, so are getting hard to find, start lookin' on the net!
    5. This is my Koi (Mini May) wearing Bratz clothes:


      You just have to shorten the sleeves and legs a bit. T-shirts and skirts are great.

      Here she's wearing a Bratz t-shirt, her default knickers/socks and leggies/jacket from a W.I.T.C.H. doll:

    6. Dunno if this is the right place to post this......

      I WISH I had a pocket fairy......but I'm guessing lots of people are looking for clothes for them.

      I'm not sure about the size of them but has anybody tried the Mattel Kelly clothes? Is that too small? What about the older Tutti clothes????

      Just a suggestion
    7. Mini Baby born clothes fit
      not easy to get in the UK ...dont know about in the US ,but most of them fit :D
      TinyTears Tinybaby ..they fit too
      I have hears Calico Critters do --- but I have never tried them

      Barbie Shelly - nope dont fit
      Baby Bratz - nope dont fit
    8. Madam Alexander Petite Playhouse if you can find them, fit pretty well, including the shoes. They are discontinued and I bought several outfits at the Dollmarket clearance priced at $4.95 each.
    9. Wee Patsy are good, though Yoko struggles with the long-sleeved ones. Think they were on sale at dollmarket.com also. They also fit the Aga Fairies.
      tinybear makes lovely little clothes and knits sweaters using piano wire :o
    10. Sweetsville Kelly fit preety good a little tight.
      Also Madame Alexander Calender doll clothing fits, but you have to buy the doll to get outfit the same with her 5" storybook dolls, but you can find the dolls on Ebay and doll shops for under $10.
      Hats for Riley fit perfect for both the Pocket and Aga Fairy.
      The Kishlett doll oufits fit too, tighter on Pocket fairies than the Aga Fairies.
    11. It's strange, but the kishlet clothing are different sizes. The best I've found are the Kishlet IDEX outfits (from e-bay) as pictured below! They fit PF (a little longer) and Agas. The dresses the Kishlets come in are too small, in my experience.

      I think Mini May is directing traffic...or telling the other dolls where to sit. :lol:


      Boneka size 15 cm sundresses are good too as are some of the Boneka clothing made for Jane Davies dolls, for example (from www.afdoll):


      Again, some of the Jane Davies clothes fit better than others. In my experience, the short sleeve and short pant styles fit best for both PF and Agas.
    12. I highly recommend minikitty678's excellent handmade shoes. They fit PFs perfectly and she also does custom orders if you email her.

      Couple pics to show how they fit, ignore the kitty cat:


    13. A normal Blythe shoe is about 25mm lengthways and 10mm across

      Here you go, were these the ones you meant? They are very nice:D
      WTG shoes

      La Sultana - I want to see photos of your kitty! :daisy
    14. oooh so they are just perfect to worn with socks! *___*
      the shoes were exactly the one you linked, I suppose other volks wtg shoes are more difficult to fit because of the "largeness" umh sorry that measure that you call "across" XD
      these one are made of fabric so they can adapt themselves to the largeness of the feet!

      aaah... those little chubby feet!

      (a little OT: have you noticed that one of the feet is larger than the other? there's a huge difference... I mean 2 or 3 mm :daisy
    15. www.audreysdolls.com has quite a few pairs of shoes that fit PFs. 25 mm are a loose fit but if it is a strap shoe, you can cut the strap down and create a new button hole. The 24mm are a better fit. Here is an example of one pair that comes in 24 mm (sometimes you have to scroll to the bottom of the chart for the 24 mm, not sure why though): http://www.audreysdolls.com/item.cf...=7&fieldnames=Monique&subcatID=22&catalogID=5

      The great thing about these shoes is they are about $3.50 for a pair so you can get a variety of colors for all your outfits :D
    16. I was just looking at that exact pair the other day. :grin: Now that I know 24mm is a good fit, I think I'll go ahead and get some of audrey's shoes. That'll be convenient for me since I was also planning on getting her wig and eyes there too.

      Thanks for your help, everyone!! :D
    17. Pocket fairies can also wear shoes made for tiny betsy mcall if you ever find those on ebay.

      But i highly recommend princess sara's store.
    18. How does one go about ordering from Princess Sara? I clicked on the pair of shoes I liked and I got a page that had a mouse with a big red circle & slash through it....
    19. digital_grrl79: I think you have to email Princess Sara for orders...
    20. These are "Kelly" shoes from Barbie.
      I got them off a $1 doll from the dollar store.
      They fit my SoSom better, but do work for my PF too.