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[BlueFairy] Pocket Fairy Sugar & Pepper Body Release Event Information

Nov 24, 2010

    1. [​IMG]


      ((It's just a new body? but idk what prefix to use >3<;; )
    2. Here's the new body information :)

      * Pocket Fairy Pepper Body Measurements
      Height : 19cm
      Head : 10.5cm (4.13inch)
      Shoulder : 4cm (1.6inch)
      Arm Length : 5.5cm (2.16inch) - shoulder points to wrist
      Chest : 8.3cm (3.26inch)
      Waist : 7.7cm (3inch)
      Hip : 9.5cm (3.75inch)
      Leg Length : 10.5cm (4.13inch) - waist to ankle
      Foot Length : 2cm (0.8inch)
      Foot Width : 1cm(0.4inch)
      Hand Length : 1.5cm (0.6inch)
      Hand Width : 1cm(0.4inch)

      Comparison with the older body on the right

    3. Will these replace the old 12cm bodies?
    4. Mitya, I will have an update on this tomorrow. The new sets will be coming to www.angeldolls.co.uk too. Just waiting for a few more details on our side.
    5. Which heads are on the models shown? I think one of them is a Remmy but I wanted to be sure.
    6. The girl is Minimay. The boy is indeed Remmy. :)

      And in answer to the earlier question, this new body will be in addition to the old!
    7. Can we start a discussion thread? Because I want to squeal! :D
    8. Daggerchan, the discussion thread is the original Pocket Fairy thread, since the body is an option for PF, not a whole new line. So please join us in squeeing there! :D
    9. Said discussion thread HERE :>